School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

Important Admission Dates 2017-18

July 18 PharmCAS goes live
August 19  Early Entry Welcome Weekend
September 1  Regular Entry Preview Day
September 5  Early Decision Application Deadline
September 22 Early Decision Applicant Day
October 6 Regular Entry Applicant Day 1
October 9 Early Entry Applicant Day 1
October 20 Early Decisions reported to PharmCAS
January 5 Special Programs and Scholarship Application Deadline for Early Entry Applicants
January 22 Early Entry Applicant Day 2
February 9 Regular Entry Applicant Day 2
February 19 Early Entry Applicant Day 3
March 1 PharmCAS Deadline
March 5 Regular Entry Preview Day
March 23 Regular Entry Applicant Day 3
April 1  UM Sophomore Advanced Standing Application Deadline
April 27  High School Pharmacy Preview Day