School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

Vision Statement

We are a highly-respected community of learners, educators, scientists, and practitioners whose innovative achievements position us as leaders in improving health and wellness.


  • Increased funding for research.
  • Placements of choice for our graduates, residents and fellows.
  • Increase in number of high-impact publications and presentations.
  • Increase in number of license agreements and commercialization of technologies.
  • Recognition at a national level of faculty, students, student organizations and our programs through awards, scholarships and elected leadership positions.
  • Development of collaborations internally and externally.
  • Maintaining exceptional NAPLEX performance.
  • Improved quality of incoming undergraduate and graduate students and post docs.
  • Advancing innovative pharmacy practice models.
  • Demonstrating improved health outcomes.

Comprehensive Mission Statement

The mission of The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy is to improve the health, well-being and quality of life of individuals and communities by educating students, pharmacy practitioners, and pharmaceutical scientists, conducting research, and engaging in service.

We will accomplish this by providing:

  • Innovative models of practice, with an emphasis on underserved populations and those with health disparities.
  • Quality education for current professional and graduate students.
  • Quality post-graduate training opportunities.
  • Quality continuing professional development opportunities.
  • An environment which promotes the generation and dissemination of new biomedical knowledge and technologies through collaborative and interdisciplinary research.
  • Opportunities for discovery and dissemination of knowledge of natural products and novel pharmaceuticals.
  • Leadership in the development and implementation of advanced pharmacy practice models.
  • Service to internal and external stakeholders and the general population.
  • Opportunities to conduct practice-based and translational research to address health disparities.

Education Mission

The Education Mission of the School is to develop and provide the most comprehensive and highest quality education for pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences. The School recognizes and affirms diversities among learners, learning styles, and educators to optimize graduates’ contributions to society.

The following are essential components to this end:

I. Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences

On the baccalaureate level, the School shall foster an environment where students can learn and apply the principles and theories related to the pharmaceutical sciences and acquire the knowledge, skills, and attitudes in their chosen discipline such that each can enter and succeed in a professional career in the pharmaceutical sciences, or continue studies in areas including but not limited to, the Doctor of Pharmacy program or graduate studies in the pharmaceutical sciences.

II. Doctor of Pharmacy

The School shall foster an environment that enables graduates to acquire the abilities (knowledge, skills, and attitudes) necessary for licensure to enter the practice of pharmacy, provide patient-centered pharmacy services, and to improve the health, well being, and quality of life of those they serve or to continue studies in areas including but not limited to graduate studies, residencies, or fellowships.

III. Master of Science and Doctor of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences

The School shall foster an environment that enables the graduate student to acquire the abilities sufficient to prepare them for successful careers in the basic pharmaceutical sciences. The School shall also provide non-degree granting educational experiences that enhance abilities in the basic pharmaceutical sciences.

IV. Postgraduate Professional Experiences, Residencies and Fellowships

The School shall foster continuing professional development and education experiences that enable practitioners to enhance their abilities to provide patient-centered pharmacy services. The School shall collaborate with practitioners to establish residencies that provide both opportunities for graduates to obtain postdoctoral experience in integrating pharmacy services with the comprehensive needs of individual practice settings, and in-depth experiences leading to advanced practice skills and knowledge. The School shall also create fellowships that will afford practitioners the opportunity to develop and advance research abilities.

Patient Care Mission

The Patient Care Mission of the School is to enhance the quality of life for patients who access the patient-centered pharmacy services of the School of Pharmacy’s pharmacy practice faculty and staff.

The School recognizes the following as essential components to this end:

I. Advancing Patient-Centered Pharmacy Services

  • A. Participating in patient care by promoting the practice of pharmacy in a manner that reflects the professional standards of practice and the general philosophy of patient-centered care.
  • B. Leading in the development of model practices for implementation in the community setting, including appropriate compensation mechanisms and provider status for pharmacy practitioners.

II. Improving Patient Outcomes

The School will advance patient care by:

  • A. Leading in the development of clinical skills, medication therapy management services, and administrative systems that provide a comprehensive, integrated approach to health care.
  • B. Leading in the development of methods for measuring the impact of pharmacotherapeutic decisions on patient outcomes.

III. Provision of Patient-Centered Pharmacy Services

The School of Pharmacy is committed to developing and providing contemporary patient-centered pharmacy services in all environments in which pharmacy services enhance patient outcomes. This goal will be accomplished by:

  • A. Collaborating with other health care providers
  • B. Participating in rational and cost-effective drug use decision making
  • C. Advancing and adopting standards for professional practice, patient education and monitoring patient outcomes.
  • D. Assisting in the implementation of quality medication therapy management programs in community settings

Research Mission Statement

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy will be globally recognized for its multidisciplinary research in the discovery, development and translation of innovative solutions to health care problems.

Service Mission

The Service Mission of the School is to provide leadership, assistance, and expertise to scientific disciplines, the institution, pharmacy and other health professions, and to the citizens of Mississippi and the world.

The School recognizes the following as essential components to this end:

I. Scientific Disciplines

The School provides services to the scientific disciplines at the state, regional, national, and international levels through a variety of activities including:

  • peer reviewing of grant applications, manuscripts, and scientific abstracts; serving on discipline-specific committees
  • assuming leadership roles in scientific organizations; consulting and providing expert opinion
  • serving on editorial boards and as journal editors
  • influencing through a cadre of other service activities, the direction, dynamics, and impact on these scientific disciplines

II. The Institution

The School provides services to The University of Mississippi at the department, school, and institution level by:

  • membership on and assuming leadership positions of committees
  • student recruiting, advising, and mentoring
  • reviewing and providing expert opinion on institutional issues and activities
  • representing proudly the institution at a variety of local, national, and international events

III. Pharmacy and Other Health Professions

The School provides services to the profession at the state and national levels by encouraging the advancement of quality patient-centered pharmacy services by:

  • providing pharmacy and other health care practitioners with professional development opportunities
  • conducting and disseminating the results of research relevant to practice
  • creating educational and informational services
  • encouraging faculty leadership and participation in state and national professional organizations
  • providing advocacy for the profession of pharmacy within state and federal agencies as well as Congress and the Mississippi legislature

IV. The Citizens of Mississippi and the World

The School provides services to the citizens of the state and beyond by:

  • communicating professional and scientific knowledge to enhance learning
  • training, and education
  • defining new opportunities to improve health, well-being, and quality of life
  • assuming leadership positions; stimulating economic development
  • serving as a knowledge resource

Core Values


By fostering a spirit of teamwork and partnership that is founded on respect for the contributions of others, we seek to create interdisciplinary, synergistic relationships characterized by inclusiveness and flexibility.


We seek to encourage and support resourcefulness, originality, imagination, ingenuity, and vision in our students, faculty, and staff.


We strive to meet and exceed, through continuous improvement, the highest expectations for achievement as we maintain the highest quality and standards in all of our endeavors.


We value the discovery, acquisition, application, and dissemination of knowledge, and will work to foster these activities in pursuit of our vision and fulfillment of our missions.


We encourage and foster the development of leaders who have the ability to influence the thinking, understanding, and attitudes of others and who have the ability and courage to identify and effect solutions.  Leadership requires the ability to inspire, enable, instill confidence, build a shared vision, and connect with others through mutual trust, responsiveness, and sincerity.


We encourage and support student-centered, ability-based learning; the mentoring of new faculty, graduate and undergraduate students; lifelong learning; and intellectual curiosity.


We foster, encourage, and expect the active demonstration of structural, attitudinal, and behavioral attributes of a profession and its members.  We believe that there are certain professional attributes that are fundamental to our functioning as learners, educators, researchers, scholars, and practitioners of pharmacy.  These attributes include a service orientation, one in which the needs of others are put above personal needs; caring; respect for others; accountability to our stakeholders and responsibility for one’s action; and integrity, honesty, and ethically sound decision making.

Social Responsibility

We value respect for the diversity of people with whom we work and those we serve; the importance we place on our local, state, national and global communities; and our concern for the welfare of humanity and the environment, as evidenced in the way we serve others.