School of Pharmacy
The University of Mississippi

Dr. Joshua Sharp

Posted on: July 21st, 2015 by gegero
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry and Research Associate Professor in RIPS
Faser 445


  • Ph.D. The University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory


    • Associate Professor of Pharmacology
    • Associate Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
    • Research Associate Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    • Triplett-Behrakis Endowed Professor

Dr. Sharp’s group is active in the development and application of new mass spectrometry-based technologies for studying the structure-function relationships of proteins and carbohydrates of biomedical interest. Current applications focus on the study of interactions between neutralizing antibodies and the glycoprotein coat of HIV; characterization of chemokines and the structural factors mediating their oligomerization and function; and the identification of glycosaminoglycan structures with potential biomedical applications for a wide variety of fields including anti-microbial agents, anti-cancer therapies, and anti-inflammatory therapies.

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