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Pharmacology is the science that studies the effects of drugs on humans and animals. The primary function and missions of the Division of Pharmacology are teaching, research and service. The teaching mission comprises instruction in the pre-pharmacy, Pharm.D., and graduate curricula. In particular, the graduate program component involves teaching in the areas of pharmacology and toxicology to students of the Master’s or Doctor of Philosophy Degrees in Pharmaceutical Sciences (each with an emphasis in pharmacology or toxicology).

The research mission is to conduct research in the life sciences that will benefit the state of Mississippi, the United States, and the world community. Areas of research include those that improve the health and well-being of the human condition with emphasis on studying the effects of natural products on biological systems. Members of the division are studying the cardiovascular, endocannabinoid, endocrine, immune, and endomicrobial systems with applications to aging, cardiovascular disease, drug abuse, diabetes, obesity, neurodegenerative diseases, and the chemical and biological responses to particulate pollutants in our air, land, and water. Research techniques include mass spectrometry-based technologies to study structure-function relationships of proteins and carbohydrates of biomedical interest, clinical and preclinical behavioral assessments, and a variety of cell culture-based techniques.

The service mission promotes faculty involvement within the School of Pharmacy, the university, the community and local, state and federal government.

Pharmacology M.S. Requirements

Pharmacology Ph.D. Requirements

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Graduate Program Coordinator Application Deadlines
Dr. James A. Stewart
Fall: February 1
Spring: October 1