Department of Biomolecular Sciences

The University of Mississippi

UM Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (STEMS REU) Program

The objective of the program is to provide educational science research opportunities at the University of Mississippi to undergraduate students who are seeking research experiences and considering a career in research or academia.

2019 STEMS REU Scholars and Sponsoring Faculty

Khoa Nguyen – Dr. Wei-Yin Chen (Department of Chemical Engineering)
Justin Reynolds – Dr. Nikki Reinemann (Department of Biomedical Engineering)
Eleanor Dickens – Dr. Shan Jiang (Department of Mechanical Engineering)
Bailey Westling – Dr. Kristie Willett (Department of BioMolecular Sciences)
Madeline Griffin – Dr. David Colby (Department of BioMolecular Sciences)
Samikhya Thapa – Dr. David Colby (Department of BioMolecular Sciences)
Joey Davis – Dr. Nicole Ashpole (Department of BioMolecular Sciences)
Darren Cook – Dr. Jason Paris (Department of BioMolecular Sciences)
Matthew Saucier – Dr. Sudeshna Roy (Department of BioMolecular Sciences)
My Le – Dr. Hoang Le (Department of BioMolecular Sciences)

2019 STEMS REU program schedule

STEM REU Scholars









Bailey Westling (University of Mississippi, Major: Biology)









Samikshya Thapa (University of Mississippi, Major: Dietetics and Nutrition, Expected Graduation: May 2020). My project for this summer REU program is “Synthesis of Fluorinated Ketones for Biological Evaluation at the GABA – Type B Receptor in the David Colby Research Group.


My Le (University of Mississippi, Major: Chemistry with emphasis in Biochemistry, Expected Graduation: Spring 2021). My project is on the “Studies on thia-Ugi Reactions” in the Hoang Le research group.









Matthew Saucier (University of Mississippi, Major: Biochemistry with Minors in Biology & Spanish, Expected Graduation: Spring 2020). His project was on “Novel Organic Syntheses of Fluorinated Pyrazoles” in the Sudeshna Roy research group.









Madeline Griffin (University of Mississippi, Major: Pharmaceutical Sciences with Minors in Biology & Chemistry, Expected Graduation: Spring 2020). Her project was on “New Treatment Strategies for Addiction” in the David Colby research group.








Justin Reynolds(University of Mississippi, Major: Biomedical Engineering, Minor: Psychology, Expected Graduation: Spring 2020).
Project: “Effects of Myosin Inhibition on the Cardiac System” in the Nikki Reinemann research group.








Joey Davis (University of Mississippi, Double Major: Biochemistry, Psychology, Expected Graduation: Spring 2020). Her project was on “Developing Assays for the Orphan Cannabinoid Receptor GPR55, and Comparing GPR55 Against Other Cannabinoids Based on Ligand-Specific Efficacy and Affinity.”










Eleanor Dickens (University of Mississippi, Major: Mechanical Engineering, Expected Gradutions: Spring 2021). Her project is on “Molecular Dynamics in Laser Sintering” in the Shan Jiang research group.









Darren Cook (University of Mississippi, Major: Biochemistry, Expected Graduation: Spring 2021). Working with Dr. Jason Paris.