Department of BioMolecular Sciences

The University of Mississippi


Department of BioMolecular Sciences

Spring 2018 Graduate Student and External Speaker Seminar Series

All Seminars located in TCRC 2066

 Tuesdays at 11 am

 Thursdays at 10 am

(Titles will be posted as they become available. Changes are noted in red.)





Speaker Title Date
Moneerah Alqahtani A Search for Small Molecule Inhibitors of S100B  January 23, Tuesday
TBD TBD January 25, Thursday
Disha Prabhu Role of Astrocytic IGF-1 in Regulation of Learning and Memory January 30, Tuesday
Dr. David Colby Introduction to Seminar & Presentation Skills February 1, Thursday
NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR February 6, Tuesday
TBD TBD February 8, Thursday
Thanh-Thanh Claire Tran Screening of Anti-cell Proliferative Activity of a Collection of Plant Extracts Belonging to Annonaceae Family and their Activity Towards NRF-2/ARE Pathway
February 13, Tuesday

AyoOluwa Aderbigbe


Barbara Adaikpoh

Peripherally-restricted CB1 Blockers
 Production of Cryptic Metabolites from Predatory  Archangiaceae in Response to Quorum Sensing Signal Interception
February 15, Thursday
Guest Speaker TBD February 20, Tuesday

Mohammed Riaz

Mohammed Hawwal

TBD February 22, Thursday
Guest Speaker TBD February 27, Tuesday
Guest Speaker TBD March 1, Thursday
Guest Speaker TBD March 5, Monday
10:00 am
TCRC 1044

Shukria Akbar

Niloofar Khaje

TBD March 6, Tuesday
Dr. Michael Garrett
Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology, Associate Professor of Medicine (Nephology),
Director, Institutional Molecular and Genomics Core Facility (MGCF), University of Mississippi Medical Center

Guest Speaker
Host: Kristie Willett
Genetics, Animal Models, and Therapeutics for Human Diseases March 8, Thursday
NO SEMINAR NO SEMINAR March 15, Thursday

Hao Liu

Stephanie Burr

TBD March 20, Tuesday
Dr. Alberto del Arco Gonzalez
Assistant Professor of Health, Exercise Science, and Recreation Management, University of Mississippi
Guest Speaker
Host: Nicole Ashpole
TBD March 22, Thursday

Jawaher Alkhamisy

Ibrahim Almarabi

TBD March 27, Tuesday
Rachel and Winfield Cotton Lecture TBD March 29, Thursday

Maali Alshammari

Nicholas Akins

TBD April 3, Tuesday
Dr. Richard Lee
Member, St. Jude Faculty, Interim Chair, Chemical Biology & Therapeutics
Adjunct Professor, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Guest Speaker
Host: Sudeshna Roy
TBD April 5, Thursday

Reem Alkhodier

Sweta Adhikari

TBD April 10, Tuesday
Cody Wilson
Senior Director at The Coca-Cola Company
Guest Speaker
Host: Kristie Willett
Risk Assessment and Toxicology in the Food Industry April 12, Thursday

Hanan Albataineh

Eric Hodges

TBD April 17, Tuesday
Dr. Ralph D. Sanderson
Professor of Pathology, Division of Molecular & Cellular Pathology, The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Guest Speaker
Host: Josh Sharp
TBD April 19, Thursday

Amelia Clayshutle

Ann Fairly Barnett

TBD April 24, Tuesday
TCRC 1044
Dr. Donna Gordon
Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, Mississippi State University
Guest Speaker
Host: Jamie Stewart
TBD April 26, Thursday

James Gledhill

Zachary Miller

TBD May 1, Tuesday
Dr. Jared Delcamp
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Mississippi
Guest Speaker
Host: David Colby
TBD May 3, Thursday