Pre-Pharmacy Program
The University of Mississippi

About the Pre-Pharmacy Program

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Pre-Pharmacy BSPS includes three years of specific pre-professional coursework, fulfilling all course requirements to apply to the School of Pharmacy at the University of Mississippi. The program is administratively located in the School of Pharmacy in the Thad Cochran Research Center. As a pre-pharmacy student, you will earn your Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) at the end of your first year of pharmacy school (PY1). This is typically at the end of the student’s fourth year of college.

BSPS& majors are members of the School of Pharmacy, allowing them access to many opportunities only available to pharmacy students. This includes participation in the School of Pharmacy Student Body activities, such as socials and competitions, as well as access to free tutoring, application assistance, and mock interviews.

Pre-Pharmacy students are exclusively advised by an academic advisor in the Health Professions Advising Office or by a School of Pharmacy administrator, who will ensure that students complete all requirements for our Professional Program (Pharmacy School) and help guide students through the application process. Admission to the Professional Program is competitive, and final decisions regarding admission will be made based on procedures established by the Scholastic Standards faculty committee.

For students completing the first two years of coursework at a community college or completing course requirements at another four-year institution, please see the Transfer tab and explore the application procedure on the Professional Program page.

For questions, please contact the Office of Student Services at or 662-915-7996.