Pre-Pharmacy Program
The University of Mississippi

Pre-Pharmacy Curriculum

Most course equivalencies are available through the Office of the Registrar, however this list is not all-inclusive. Please reach out to us at with transfer equivalency questions for courses not appearing on the lists available through the Registrar’s office. For permission to transfer credit, please review and complete the Transfer Request Form.

For information on advanced placement (AP) credit, please visit this link.

All coursework must be within 10 years of completion. Older coursework is not eligible for review.

WRIT 100 or 101/HON 101 WRIT 102 or LIBA 102/HON 102
CHEM 105 Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 115 CHEM 106 Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 116 
BISC 160 Biology I, BISC LAB 161 BISC 162 Biology II, BISC LAB 163
MATH 261 Calculus I MATH 115 Elementary Statistics
CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 225 CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 226
PHYS 213 Physics I, PHYS LAB 223 BISC 336 Genetics
SPCH 102 or 105 Speech ECON 202 Microeconomics
Elective Elective
BMS 343 Biochemistry PHAD 395 Pharmacy Ethics
BMS 321 Medical Microbiology BMS 345 Human Anatomy
Two Electives and Free Elective BMS 344 Human Physiology
Elective and Free Elective

*The 18 hours of nonprofessional electives must include six (6) hours of social or behavioral sciences, six hours of humanities and six hours of fine arts as defined by the University of Mississippi. Performance course credits are not acceptable. Correspondence courses are accepted as elective credit (humanities, fine arts, social science, behavioral science, etc.). Although quality grades for nonprofessional elective courses and any other electives are recorded, they are NOT included in the computation of the grade-point average (GPA) utilized in admissions, progression or school scholarship decisions.