PharmCAS: Frequently Asked Questions

Three students walking outsideHow do I select an interview date?

Once your application has been verified, Lindsey Cooper ( will email you will further instructions. Including interview date options.

Is the CASPer Test required?

Yes, the CASPer test is required for all students. The Snapshot portion IS NOT required. You will receive instructions on completing the CASPer test when your application has been verified by the school.

I have only taken classes at Ole Miss, do I need to send a transcript to PharmCAS?

Yes, you have to submit a request from PharmCAS to Ole Miss for transcripts.

Do I still need to send a transcript for Ole Miss to PharmCAS even though I have not finished with this semester yet?

Yes, send a transcript now to complete your application, and then you will send a final transcript after spring grades are posted.

I have attended multiple community colleges and universities; do I need to submit all transcripts to PharmCAS?

Yes, the number one reason an application is not complete is due to missing transcripts. Enter courses in order of oldest to most recent.

Do I list my classes for next semester on the application before I submit it? 

Enter all courses you have taken through the end of the term you most recently completed, as well as any in-progress or planned courses.

Are recommendations also required before submitting my application? Or am I able to have them sent in after my application is already sent in?

You can submit your application now, and have your recommenders send in their letters later on. Notify your recommenders, as they will be prompted to send in a letter on your behalf.

When do I need to take the PCAT to be eligible for scholarships?

All PCAT scores received by June 30th will be considered. Please remember that the PCAT is needed for scholarships, but not an admission requirement.

How do I enter in AP or dual enrollment credit?

Enter any AP courses that appear on your official transcripts under the term the credit was granted by your college. Mark courses as “Advanced Placement” during the Transcript Review.

Who do I reach out to for questions?

Reach out to Lindsey Cooper (, School of Pharmacy coordinator of admissions, for additional questions. You can also review this step-by step guide for help: Complete PharmCAS instruction Guide