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Hyllore Imeri

Hyllore Imeri

Hyllore Imeri is making waves at the School of Pharmacy. As a graduate student with the Department of Pharmacy Administration, she is an active member of pharmacy organizations and was recently selected for the 2021 Advancing STEM Scholarship. Learn more about stellar student Hyllore Imeri.

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Where are you from, and what is your educational background?

I'm from Prishtina, Kosovo. I'm a graduate of the University of Prishtina/Faculty of Medicine with a Magister of Pharmacy (Mr.Ph) degree. Currently a third-year Ph.D. student in the Department of Pharmacy Administration.

Why pharmacy and pharmacy administration?

What's more intriguing in the whole world other than medications? That's what got me into pharmacy. It resembles a gigantic puzzle with magical metamorphic pieces. Also, I love having various options you can use to work out that puzzle. There are many career opportunities for a pharmacist, and if you're like me - feeling the need to keep doing something new/else/different just so you keep growing and excited - then pharmacy is a great option! 

During my studies, I explored several ways of working out that magical puzzle. Luckily, I found my favorite. That's pharmacy administration. I'm grateful to have had great mentors to inspire and motivate me during my trial/error phase and throughout, especially Dr. Kreshnik Hoti and Dr. Shane Desselle. The pharmacy administration research field includes many interesting health-related topics that stimulate me to ask new research questions. Chronic conditions, medication adherence, mHealth, and artificial intelligence in health care are my favorite puzzle pieces at the time.

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How did it feel being selected for the Advancing STEM Scholarship?

Absolutely thrilled! I'm so very grateful to have been selected for the Advancing STEM Scholarship, even more so because this was a UM inaugural award. Working with incredible faculty members and fellow students in the Pharm Ad department was a cornerstone to this achievement. I want to especially mention my experience as a research assistant working with Dr. Marie Barnard in many projects, including some involvement with NIH-funded projects directly related to the advancement of STEM disciplines. 

Are you involved with any organizations?

I am a member of Rho Chi, the academic honor society in pharmacy, and Phi Kappa Phi, a multidisciplinary collegiate honor society. Also, I am associated with professional organizations, namely APhA (American Pharmacists Association), AACP (American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy), and ISPOR (International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research).

What are your career goals?

My short-term career goal is to explore various ways, methodology-wise, to answer research questions of my interest. Generating new scientific evidence on health-related topics will remain a long-term career goal, accomplished either through academia or the pharmaceutical industry path. 

What advice do you have for future students, especially those interested in STEM sciences?

I want to encourage them to pursue their interests! The luckiest of them will have some great mentors (as I did) to guide them through the process. However, if they don't have someone to ask for advice and look up to, I suggest reaching out to their professors and asking for guidance. As I came to find out, great scientists are not only great in teaching and conducting research, they happen to be awesome mentors who would love to help you succeed! Therefore, keeping your goals in mind, take the initiative!

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What is on your bucket list?

The most exciting item of them all, I consider, traveling worldwide (with no pandemic around)! Exploring different cultures, lifestyles and getting to learn their history, I think gives you the wonderful gift called "different perspectives." Enabling various viewpoints may unlock the full, complete picture; that's a skill I would like to advance maximally! 

What are your favorite things to do outside of class?

Movie addict alert! If I could watch a movie per day, I would. Currently, I can do one per week, but planning to catch up on my list during Thanksgiving break! Other than that, video calls with my family back home are always uplifting and heart-warming, no matter the topic we talk about. I also love spending time and traveling with my best friend, Irene, sharing precious moments I truly cherish!

What is your go-to music for studying/writing/working?

Classic rock. While working, my playlists include music from Pink Floyd, Eagles, Queen, Led Zeppelin, and Deep Purple, among others.

Is there anything else we should know? 

I have six peer-reviewed papers published so far, and I serve as a reviewer for several top journals of the field. The link to my research:

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