Early Entry Pharmacy Program

Secure your seat in our professional pharmacy program while in high school!

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The Early Entry Program

guarantees seats in the professional pharmacy program to highly qualified high school seniors upon completion of three years of pre-pharmacy coursework. This avoids the competitive selection process for regular entry admission that normally occurs during a pre-pharmacy major’s junior year of college.

However, Early Entry students enjoy far more than simply early acceptance into the professional pharmacy program. They receive the benefits of the Early Entry Experience, which is unlike any other on campus. It features specialized tutoring, professional advancement opportunities, and the chance to be part of the Living-Learning Community. From the first day of freshman year until the first day of the professional program, Early Entry students truly become a close-knit “phamily” through several specially designed program initiatives.

Application Process

Below are the steps necessary to earn your seat in the Early Entry Program.

Early Entry Application Process

Step 1: Apply to Ole Miss

Step 2: Use your Ole Miss application number to apply to the Early Entry Program located under the Pharmacy section of the Special Program Applications

Step 3: Select an applicant day for interviewing within the Special Programs Application

Step 4: Apply for housing

Step 5: Sign up for orientation

To maintain status in the Early Entry Program, a student must:

  • Take all “non-elective” courses at the Oxford campus. Electives may be taken during a summer session, winter intersession, or at another institution. A student must complete the requirements for the B.S.P.S. degree by the end of his or her fourth year of college.
  • Achieve at least a 3.00 cumulative GPA on “non-elective” courses by the end of EE1 spring, and maintain a 3.00 cumulative GPA on all “non-elective” courses attempted by the end of the EE2 and EE3 years.
  • Early Entry students who have less than a 3.00 cumulative GPA on required, non-elective courses but above/at a 2.75 have the opportunity to take part in the “Early Entry Academic Achievement Program” the next school year, giving such students an additional year on “probation” to achieve the cumulative 3.00 as mentioned above.
  • Receive no semester grades below C in any courses.

Often, students unable to complete the Early Entry Program transfer to pre-pharmacy student status and gain admission to the professional degree program through regular-entry admission.

The deadline for both the Ole Miss and the Early Entry Special Programs applications is January 10th, 2024.

Allow 7-10 business days to receive your application number if you use the Common App.

2024 Early Entry Interview Dates

  • February 10th
  • February 17th
  • March 2nd
BSPS Curriculum

First Year

WRIT 100 or 101/HON 101WRIT 102 or LIBA 102/HON 102
CHEM 105 Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 115CHEM 106 Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 116
BISC 160 Biology I, BISC LAB 161BISC 162 Biology II, BISC LAB 163
MATH 261 Calculus IMATH 115 Elementary Statistics

PHCY 100 Intro to Pharmacy (Early Entry Student Requirement)


Second Year

CHEM 221 Organic Chemistry I, CHEM LAB 225CHEM 222 Organic Chemistry II, CHEM LAB 226
PHYS 213 Physics I, PHYS LAB 223BISC Genetics 336
SPCH 102 or 105 SpeechECON 202 Microeconomics

Third Year

BMS 343 BiochemistryPHAD 395 Pharmacy Ethics
BMS 321 Medical MicrobiologyBMS 345 Human Anatomy
ElectiveBMS 344 Human Physiology
Free ElectiveFree Elective

*The 18 hours of nonprofessional electives must include six (6) hours of social or behavioral sciences, six hours of humanities, and six hours of fine arts as defined by the University of Mississippi. Performance course credits are not acceptable. Correspondence courses are accepted as elective credits (humanities, fine arts, social science, behavioral science, etc.). Although quality grades for nonprofessional elective courses and any other electives are recorded, they are NOT included in calculating the grade-point average (GPA) utilized in admissions, progression, or school scholarship decisions.

An accelerated option is also available to early-entry students who want to complete their coursework in an accelerated timeframe and enter the professional program at the end of their sophomore year. Students eligible for the accelerated track typically transfer numerous dual enrollment and AP coursework from high school. Prospective students do not apply for the accelerated track, as placement in the accelerated track is determined during advising at orientation.

The Ultimate Pharmacy Experience

Burns Hall at the University of Mississippi.

Prioritized Housing

If admitted to the Early Entry Program, first-year students will receive prioritized housing in the contemporary dorm of Burns Hall. This amazing hall comes with private restrooms and many study spaces. Did we mention it's located near the Student Union?

Early Entry student climbing the rock wall.

Welcome Week Events

The weekend before fall classes begin, new EEs and their families come together in the School of Pharmacy to hear from a host of our faculty and staff to help ensure new students are set up for a great first semester of college all while providing new students with opportunities to get to know other EEs. We also host a variety of different welcome week events for our new Phamily members. 

A pharmacy student helping another student study.

Mentoring and Tutoring

Shortly after being admitted to the program, new early entry students are paired with mentors. These mentors are older pharmacy students who completed the Early Entry Program, having shared the same experience the new EEs will go through in their first year of the program. EE students will also have special tutoring offered on a weekly basis for many core curriculum classes.

Student holding their painting that says rebs.

Monthly Meetings

Early entry students come together each month during the school year for meetings in the School of Pharmacy. In addition to hearing from guest speakers on various topics, students meet as a group and as individual classes to discuss essential happenings in the program.

Pill bottles on a table.

In-House Advising

Our in-house advisor advises early-entry students from semester to semester. This in-house advising helps guarantee that each student stays on track to obtain the necessary prerequisites for pharmacy school.

Students studying abroad in Italy.

Study Abroad

Join a faculty member studying abroad to learn more about pharmacy in different countries. Whether its learning at the oldest pharmacy in Italy to exploring Dublin's pharmacy schools these trips are packed full of good food, fun events, and great experiences.

My Early Entry Journey

Want to know more about our EE program? Meet our student ambassadors.

Jay Everett

Jay Everett

  • Greek Life
  • Service and Community Engagement

Why did I do Early Entry?

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Nazli Staten

Nazli Staten

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Kelly Caston

Kelly Caston

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Lindsey Nell Cooper

Need Help?

Welcome! I am the admissions coordinator for the School of Pharmacy and am here to help you with whatever you may need. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any assistance.

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