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Hayden Wooldridge

Not every student comes to Ole Miss knowing what they want to do with their future, but for Hayden Wooldridge there was no doubt. Hayden is a P3 student who has been working toward a future in community pharmacy. During her time at Ole Miss Pharmacy, Hayden has excelled in her studies and earned multiple student awards. Learn more about stellar student and future community pharmacist, Hayden Wooldridge.


I am from Grenada, Mississippi.

Educational background

I graduated from Grenada High School then went to the University of Mississippi. I completed the Early Entry Pharmacy program and received my Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences with minors in biology and chemistry.

Why pharmacy?

I chose to pursue a career as a pharmacist because I wanted to do something in the health care field so I could help others get well and stay healthy. I knew many pharmacists growing up, so I knew a lot about what pharmacists do. Also, there are many different types of jobs you can do with a career in pharmacy.

Why Ole Miss?

I chose Ole Miss because I knew how strong the pharmacy program was. I had also been to campus many times and loved how the campus felt so welcoming.

What drew you to community pharmacy?

One of my family friends owned a community pharmacy as I was growing up, so I spent lots of time in his store as a child. At the end of my junior year of high school, I started working for him at his pharmacy and got to see firsthand the impact he had on each patient. In a hospital, you hope that your patients get better soon and that they don’t get readmitted—but in community pharmacy you get to see your patients every month and check in on them. I love being able to have a strong pharmacist-patient relationship and knowing almost every one of my patients by name!

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As a future community pharmacist, what do you hope to accomplish through your practice?

Through my future practice, I hope to improve the overall health of my community and make a difference in my patient’s lives. I hope to implement novel services in order to better the health of my patients and better my practice.

What advice would you give to future students interested in pharmacy?

I think it is very beneficial to get a job or job shadow at a pharmacy before pharmacy school begins. It helps you know what to expect, so you won’t be nearly as anxious for your first rotations during P1 year.

What awards have you received during your academic career, pharmacy-related or otherwise?

I received the EpicRx scholarship during both my P2 and P3 year, and I received the Pharmacist Mutual Community Pharmacy Scholarship during my P3 year.

What is your favorite class?

Since we have a module based curriculum, it’s hard to decide what class is my favorite. My favorite class P1 year was pharmacogenomics and pharmacoimmunology. During P2 year, I enjoyed the pharmacology section of each module, and my favorite modules were cardiology, neurology, and endocrinology. As a P3, the class I have enjoyed most is pharmacy law.

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What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

As a pharmacy student, I don’t have much free time—I’m usually studying or working! But when I do get free time, I enjoy running, traveling, fishing and spending time with my family and friends.

What’s your go-to music for studying?

I like to switch it up periodically, so if I am studying for two hours then I may listen to one genre or artist for 30 minutes then change to a different type of music. I used to solely listen to Mac Miller while studying since I know all the lyrics so it didn’t distract me. Lately, I’ve been listening to either alternative music or instrumental music whenever I study.

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