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Drew Mulkey

His friends and family call him Drew. But thousands of Ole Miss fans know him by another name: Tony the Landshark! In addition to entertaining fans at games, Drew Mulkey is an accomplished student who has been involved in numerous organizations during his time at the university. An Oxford, Mississippi native whose family has attended Ole Miss for generations, Mulkey recently received his BSPS from the School of Pharmacy. Learn more about stellar student Drew Mulkey below!

Two photos of Drew Mulkey

Drew supports a fellow "Tony" at a football game.

Why Pharmacy?

I grew up in Oxford and had heard a lot about the Early Entry Program during high school. I knew I wanted to do something related to health care and science, so it seemed like the natural choice to me.

Why Ole Miss?

My family has gone to Ole Miss for generations, and I grew up in Oxford with two Ole Miss grads as parents. It felt weird to even think about going to another university.

What inspired you to join the mascot team?

I was in the marching band for three years and had been involved in football and basketball game days for years. I saw the flyer for mascot tryouts on Twitter and just went to see what it was about and ended up loving it.



Tony the Landshark mascot posing with coach Lane Kiffin

Drew greets Coach Kiffin in style.

What’s your favorite memory as Tony the Landshark?

Meeting Lane Kiffin at the airport the day he was hired. The airport looked like the Grove with people tailgating and when he got off the plane the crowd was worse than the Walk of Champions.

What was your favorite pharmacy class?

My favorite pharmacy class was pharmacogenomics with Dr. Rimoldi.

What are your career goals?

I want to attend medical school and specialize in medical oncology.




Aside from being on the mascot team, what are some other activities you’ve participated in?

Tony the Landshark mascot waves an Ole Miss flag on the basketball court.

Drew entertains the fans at The Pavilion.

At Ole Miss I was in the Pride of the South for three years, and I have been a member of the Honors College. I also worked in the USDA research labs in the Thad Cochran Research Center for three years.

If Tony joined the football team, what position would he play?

I think Tony would play middle linebacker like his namesake Tony Fein. He has the build and height to stop the run, and I think he would be a good leader in the middle of the defense.

What do you enjoy doing outside of class?

Outside of class I like pretty much every outdoor activity there is, and I enjoy watching any sport that Ole Miss plays.

What are your favorite Oxford restaurants?

My favorite restaurant is Ajax.

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