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Pharmacy Resident Secures Grant for Diabetes Study

Research to focus on glucose meter use in type 2 diabetes

OXFORD, Miss. – University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy PGY-2 resident Amy Ly-Ha has secured funding through the American Pharmacists Association Foundation to study glucose monitoring in patients with type 2 diabetes.

The $1,000 grant will cover one year of research, which will specifically investigate
the use of continuous glucose meters versus traditional self-monitoring of blood glucose in patients with type 2 diabetes who are newly initiated on basal insulin, not on prandial insulin, with or without oral antidiabetic agents.

“With this grant, I am hopeful to expand continuous glucose meter use among patients living with diabetes,” Ly-Ha said. “CGMs have revolutionized diabetes management by providing real-time insight into blood glucose levels, thus enabling more proactive and effective interventions.”

The randomized, open-label study will involve two study arms in which the same 25 patients will undergo 12 weeks of using a CGM or performing self-monitoring blood glucose, followed by a switch to the other glycemic monitoring method for another 12 weeks.

“Unfortunately, access to CGMs remains limited for many individuals,” Ly-Ha said. “The findings from this research have the potential to significantly impact diabetes care by promoting the integration of CGMs at an earlier stage, ultimately enhancing patient outcomes.”

The study is not Ly-Ha’s first related to diabetes, a disease for which she is passionate about finding solutions.

“Diabetes is a prevalent and complex health issue that significantly impacts a patient’s quality of life,” Ly-Ha said. “Ultimately, my goal as a pharmacist is to be a trusted partner for my patients. By advancing diabetes care and engaging in innovative research, I want to provide the tools for my patients to manage their health effectively and empower them in their diabetes management.”

Ly-Ha received her bachelor’s degree in pharmaceutical sciences from the university in 2019 and her Doctor of Pharmacy degree from the School of Pharmacy in 2022. She is currently an ambulatory care pharmacy resident at the School of Pharmacy’s Jackson campus.

Co-investigators on the study are Ha Phan, School of Pharmacy clinical assistant professor of pharmacy practice, Jarrett Morgan, University of Mississippi Medical Center assistant professor of pediatrics and internal medicine, and Meagan Brown, School of Pharmacy clinical associate professor of pharmacy practice.

By Natalie Ehrhardt