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July 2022

Cole Stevens, Gary Theilman, Marie Barnard, Donna Strum, John Bentley, and Joshua Sharp holding their awards.

The School of Pharmacy is fortunate to have some of the finest faculty in the country. They have dedicated themselves to not only educate new generations of pharmacists and scientists but also undertake innovative research.

During our annual Faculty and Research Scientist Advancement, their excellence was on display as we recognized faculty members who went above and beyond in their commitment to teaching, service and research. We also established two new awards, the Triplett-Behrakis Endowed Professorship and the Distinguished Cotton Lectureship.

  • Joshua Sharp, associate professor of pharmacology, was named the School of Pharmacy’s Triplett-Behrakis Endowed Professor. He will be the first School of Pharmacy faculty member to hold the title and will be provided with a $25,000 annual fund to support his research.
  • Marie Barnard, associate professor of pharmacy administration, was named the School of Pharmacy’s first Distinguished Cotton Lecturer in Pharmacy Administration, an appointment intended to honor and reward a faculty member who has made outstanding contributions to the Department of Pharmacy Administration in research, teaching, service and collegiality.
  • The Faculty Service Award was also presented to Barnard for her support for the school and profession. Barnard serves as the graduate program coordinator for the Department of Pharmacy Administration, where she advises all graduate students and plays an essential role in recruitment, admission, academic advising and mentoring. She also serves on many committees within the School of Pharmacy dedicated to the well-being of students.
  • Gary Theilman, associate professor of pharmacy practice, received the Faculty Instructional Innovation Award, which honors cutting-edge teaching techniques. Theilman used his software skills to create new programs to help his students with their studies. Included in those programs was an online tool that could be used by students during group readiness assurance testing. When the COVID-19 pandemic made remote learning necessary, he adapted this tool so it could be used in Zoom class sessions.
  • John Bentley, professor of pharmacy administration, was recognized for his research contributions with the Cumberland Pharmaceuticals Inc. Faculty Research Award. Bentley has developed a reputation as an active researcher during his time with the school. As a principal investigator, he has secured more than $300,000 in funding over the past three years. During the same period, Bentley also served as co-investigator on a number of funded projects.
  • The New Investigator Award was presented to Cole Stevens, assistant professor of pharmacognosy, for his contributions to the school and research during his relatively short time with the school. Stevens is principal investigator on two grants funded through the National Institutes of Health and has seen his work on myxobacteria published in high-impact journals.


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