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August 2022

Mickey Smith

The School of Pharmacy family is mourning Mickey C. Smith, the University of Mississippi’s F.A.P. Barnard Distinguished Professor Emeritus of Pharmacy Administration, who died July 5.

To say that Smith was a big deal would be an understatement. He was a teacher, mentor, author and pioneer in the pharmacy administration field, and served as an inspiration to many both within and outside our school.

Smith was the first chair of the Department of Pharmacy Administration. During his career, he helped to shape the pharmacy administration profession into what it is today. He wrote groundbreaking books such as “Principles of Pharmaceutical Marketing,” was a founding editor of the influential Journal of Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management, and published more than 400 articles in more than 180 publications.

Even in retirement, Smith remained dedicated to helping the School of Pharmacy and pharmacy administration students. He established the Mickey and Mary Smith Pharmacy Administration Endowment to aid with graduate student support, faculty development, travel expenses and funding for new research projects.

Through his teaching, writing, mentorship and dedication to the profession, Smith will remain a powerful presence at the school for many years to come.


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