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Kris Harrell becomes Ole Miss Pharmacy Associate Dean for Academic Affairs

Posted on: January 31st, 2018 by

January 31, 2018

By Sydney Slotkin DuPriest

OXFORD, Miss. – Ole Miss School of Pharmacy alum and associate professor of pharmacy practice Kris Harrell will take over the role of the associate dean for academic affairs Feb. 1. Harrell has worked with the School of Pharmacy for almost 18 years, spending the last 12 managing pharmacy rotations as the director of experiential affairs.

Kris Harrell, associate dean of academic affairs at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

Kris Harrell

The former associate dean for academic affairs David Gregory, also a graduate of the UM pharmacy school, accepted the position of dean and professor at Belmont University’s College of Pharmacy after four years as associate dean.

Gregory cited Harrell’s ability to engage and communicate with students and faculty who learn in different ways as evidence that he will succeed as associate dean.

“Kris has prepared hard for this over the years, and he will take this job to new heights,” Gregory said. “He is probably one of the most encouraging faculty that we have, because he knows that students are ultimately going to be taking care of patients.”

Harrell has worked closely with the pharmacy school’s academic affairs office over the past several years as the school overhauled its curriculum. During his time working in the Department of Pharmacy Practice, he oversaw almost a third of the curriculum and facilitated nearly 2,000 pharmacy practice experiences each year between student pharmacists and their pharmacist preceptors. He also earned his master’s in higher education from the University of Mississippi in 2010.

“This position is so crucial to the operation of the entire school,” said David D. Allen, dean of the School of Pharmacy. “Not only does this person direct the curriculum, but they act as a compassionate resource for any student who needs guidance. I have full faith that Kris will fill these roles exceptionally well.”

Harrell’s own interest in pharmacy began as a child visiting his aunt’s and uncle’s pharmacy. Later, as he worked at their pharmacy in high school, he learned lessons of service, respect and selflessness that have stayed with him.

“My story begins and will no doubt end with pharmacy,” Harrell said. “I plan and hope to continue giving back and consider it an honor and privilege to be the associate dean for academic affairs at my alma mater.”