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Pharmacy Professors Named Distinguished Teaching Scholars

Posted on: May 11th, 2017 by

May 11, 2017

By Anna Herd

OXFORD and JACKSON, Miss. – UM School of Pharmacy professors Kim Adcock, Robert Doerksen, Erin Holmes and John Rimoldi have been recognized as Distinguished Teaching Scholars for a three-year term beginning this year. This honor recognizes faculty members who have proven to be exceptional teachers and colleagues and who promote effective teaching and learning.

Dr. Kim Adcock of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

Kim Adcock

Kim Adcock, professor of pharmacy practice

In addition to being a professor in the Department of Pharmacy Practice, Adcock is the department’s director of Faculty and Academic Affairs, as well as a professor in the School of Medicine’s Department of Pediatrics.

“Dr. Adcock consistently seeks innovative ways to improve our courses and to provide meaningful learning experiences,” said Seena Haines, chair of the Department of Pharmacy Practice. “She not only applies this commitment to teaching excellence to her own course contributions, but works on a daily basis to enhance colleagues’ teaching skills, improve the quality of course offerings and increase involvement in scholarship related to teaching.”

Haines said that Adcock’s passion for teaching and research is evident in her interactions with students and in her active promotion of the pharmacy profession.

Dr. Robert Doerksen of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

Robert Doerksen

Robert Doerksen, associate professor of medicinal chemistry

Robert Doerksen has been with the School of Pharmacy since 2004, and was the winner of the 2011 and 2016 Faculty Service Awards.

Veena Gadepalli, a former UM graduate student, said Doerksen influenced her in nearly every aspect during her time in the pharmacy school, saying he was an inspiration for the professional she wanted to become.

“Robert’s passion for teaching is incredible,” said David Colby, associate professor of medicinal chemistry. “Just listening to him lecture and present is stunning as he effortlessly incorporates humor and wit into highly complex topics. Robert continually strives to provide instruction and content at the highest level.”

Dr. Erin Holmes of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

Erin Holmes

Erin Holmes, associate professor of pharmacy administration

This is Holmes’ second consecutive Distinguished Teaching Scholar recognition. She was also honored with the 2012 Friend of the Student Award from the pharmacy student body.

John Bentley, chair of the pharmacy administration department, called Holmes an “outstanding educator with a contagious enthusiasm” that is well known throughout the School of Pharmacy.

“Her commitment to the School, the profession of pharmacy and the academic discipline of pharmacy administration is remarkable,” Bentley said. “Dr. Holmes is a wonderful colleague and a valued member of our team. She’s an academic triple threat; outstanding in teaching, research and service.”

Dr. John Rimoldi of the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy delivers the "Last Lecture" which represents the last lecture of the academic year.

John Rimoldi

John Rimoldi, professor of medicinal chemistry

Rimoldi is the winner of the university’s 2017 Elsie M. Hood Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award for teaching excellence and exceptional student engagement, as well as the pharmacy school’s 2017 PY1 Teacher of the Year. This is his third consecutive Distinguished Teaching Scholar award.

“John is one of the very best educators that we have in the school, and his commitment to student learning is really unparalleled,” said Kristie Willett, chair of the biomolecular sciences department. “He is an incredible asset to our department, school and university.”

Willett went on to say that Rimoldi was “foundational” for her own teaching methodology in the early stages of her career. She points to his commitment to students and his unique instructional delivery as especially exceptional.