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Power of Pre-Pharmacy

Posted on: March 2nd, 2016 by gegero
Pre-Pharmacy Club President Adele Lee and Samantha McBryde

Pre-Pharmacy Club President Adele Lee and Samantha McBryde

Samantha McBryde, PY2

Pre-Pharmacy Club is a student organization of Pre-Pharmacy students that introduces each member into the exciting world of pharmacy school. This organization helps students get involved in various professional organizations and provides each student with opportunities to participate in community service.

Pre-Pharmacy Club was created to make the transition from undergrad to the professional program easier and less intimidating. By providing students with the knowledge from upperclassmen and experience from involvement, Pre-Pharmacy students are able to feel more comfortable and confident when entering the professional world of pharmacy.

The Pre-Pharmacy Club provides Pre-Pharmacy students with mentors, as well as friends, that will last a lifetime. The mentors provide members with insight to the daily life of a pharmacy student and help with the process of applying to the professional pharmacy program.

As an undergraduate Pre-Pharmacy student, I wanted to become more engaged and have the opportunity to get to know upperclassmen. I found out about the Pre-Pharmacy program through a friend and I soon became very involved within the club.

The first meeting in the fall of each semester is when elections are held for each specific class. These elections provide each class with a President and Vice-President of the freshman, sophomore, and junior class, as well as a President and Vice-President of the entire Club. The class Presidents and Vice-Presidents serve as a point of contact for other members and assist members of their class with academic and club issues.

The meetings later in the semester for the Pre-Pharmacy Club revolve around speaking on time management and how the mentors manage their busy schedules. Mentors also conduct a mock interview to prepare the Pre-Pharmacy students in the organization for their pharmacy school interview.

A newsletter is sent out each month to keep students up to date with community service projects and organization involvement.  This past month, Pre-Pharmacy’s community service involvement was participating in RebelTHON, a 12-hour dance marathon to raise money for Blair Batson Children’s Hospital.

Other events such as Taste of Relay and Big Event are also included in the newsletter to provide everyone with an opportunity to participate in projects as part of the pharmacy team.  The students who choose to participate in these opportunities get the chance to bond with other pre-pharmacy students as well as work with the professional students.

Pre-Pharmacy Club is the ultimate way for undergraduate students to prepare for the incredible transition into Pharmacy school. It allows for students to grow academically, professionally, and personally with other members of this organization. Pre-Pharmacy Club allows for the mentors and the students to grow as a Pre-Pharmacy “Phamily.”

As a member of the Pre-Pharmacy “Phamily” for over 4 years, I have grown to respect and admire my fellow organization members. I truly believe this “Phamily” is extremely unique and unlike any other organization. Pre-Pharmacy Club is an extraordinary program with an exceptional group of students.