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A Dose of Love

Posted on: February 10th, 2016 by gegero

Last year, we introduced you to seven families who fell in love at the School of Pharmacy. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we compiled the list and are excited to share them families with you. Happy Valentine’s Day from The Dose!




Mike and Kathy Rose (BSPh ’76) of Hazlehurst, MS, make the perfect pair! We love the caption of this photo they shared. “39 years of working together and we’re still speaking to each other!” The Roses work side by side at Rose’s Super Discount Drug in Hazelhurst, Mississippi.








Michael and Amber French (PharmD ’10) of Flowood, MS:
“Although we didn’t meet in pharmacy school, we have a lot of great memories from that time in our lives. As students, we especially enjoyed attending any Ole Miss sporting events, and we continue to be avid rebel fans to this day,” Amber said.







Jackie (BSPh ’81) and Carter Haines (BSPh ’76, PharmD ’95) of Jackson, MS:
“Carter and I met in the pharmacy at University of Mississippi Medical Center. He was a staff pharmacist there, and I was about to begin my externship. After graduation and marriage, I began a career in retail pharmacy while Carter remained in hospital pharmacy. The Ole Miss School of Pharmacy has afforded us a wonderful life, both professionally as well as personally. We love going back to campus for visits,” Jackie said.





Phil (BSPh ’84, PharmD ’86) & Kathryn Ayers (BSPh ’84) of Madison, MS: “We met at Ole Miss in pre-pharmacy, dated throughout pharmacy school and married 2 months after graduation. Ole Miss and the School of Pharmacy hold a special place in our hearts. The experiences and opportunities provided to us at Ole Miss have shaped us as individuals and professionals. We have been truly blessed with successful careers and a wonderful family,” Phil said.






Gabe and Paula Gable (BSPH ’75) of Columbus, MS: “Lots of great things happened between 1970 and 1975! Even better things happened during the next 40 years,” Gabe said.








Tim and Sue Threadgill (BSPH ’82) of Chattanooga, TN met in high school and were married in Aug 1979 just 2 weeks before starting pharmacy school. They always said that they got married to save money on books and rent. Tim told us that during pharmacy school, they had matching Ole Miss jerseys labeled “Ole Mr.” and “Ole Mrs.” — “Wish I had a picture of that,” he said.







Wendy McKinney (BSPh ’86) and John McKinney (BSPh ’86) : “My time at Ole Miss was a wonderful time. It has influenced everything in my life, just about. Some of the best things in my life have come from my time at Ole Miss – especially my beautiful wife. That’s where we met,” John said.