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Five Strategies for Successful Interviewing

Posted on: February 3rd, 2016 by gegero

Dr. Casey Cockrell Stuart

Assistant Director of Employer Services, UM Career Center

PharmacyInterviewIn light of upcoming applicant days, residency interviews and other important opportunities for prospective and current pharmacy students, Dr. Casey Cockrell Stuart with the University of Mississippi’s Career Center has provided her top strategies to use when interviewing. Want to know more about how to give a great interview? Feel free to contact Dr. Stuart at or 662-915-7174.

  1. How do you prepare for an interview?

Before going on interview, make sure to do your research. Know the company and know yourself. Research the company by going to the company website, visiting the Career Center, talking to faculty and reading industry magazines. Know yourself by knowing what you want in a position, reviewing your resume, and preparing examples that highlight your experiences. Practice will ease your anxiety and increase your chances for success so make sure to schedule a mock interview with the Career Center as part of your preparation.

  1. What materials do you need to bring to the interview?

Make sure to bring a few copies of your resume on resume paper as well as your reference list. You can place these documents in a professional pad folio that will also be a great place to keep a notepad and pen for notes!

  1. What is the behavioral interview method?

The employer’s goal is to successfully evaluate your experiences, personality and skills. One way to really get to know you and these qualities is through behavioral interview questions. Behavioral-based interviewing focuses on specific examples of past experiences to best predict future behavior. The best way to answer these questions is through the STAR method. For more information about the STAR method and behavioral interviewing, go to or come by the Career Center in 303 Martindale.

  1. Casey Cockrell Stuart

    Casey Cockrell Stuart

    What questions do you ask?

Remember you are interviewing them too! Based off of your research, you should generate a list of questions to gain more in depth answers than what is readily available on the website. You may ask about training periods, evaluation methods, work culture, expectations, peak times and the time frame for when you will know an answer regarding if you are hired. You never ask about compensation or benefits until an offer has been made.

  1. What do you do after the interview?

Candidates who make a lasting impression write thank you notes! Make sure to get the interviewer’s card before leaving so that you have his or her contact information. A thank you note is a chance for you to sincerely thank the employer for her time as well as restate your interest and qualifications for the job!