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TEDx UM: “OUR Ideas Worth Spreading”

Posted on: November 5th, 2015 by gegero

Alicia Bouldin, Associate Dean of Outcomes Assessment and Learning Advancement and Professor of Pharmacy Administration; Joe Dikun, Graduate Assistant in the Department of Pharmacy Administration


Joe Dikun & Alicia Bouldin

Joe Dikun & Alicia Bouldin

Curiosity and broadened perspectives ruled the day on October 31, when a TEDx conference was hosted at the University of Mississippi. Bright and open minds were there early in the morning, to see and hear what 10 outstanding colleagues had to share from their own experiences and research. Two of our SOP faculty members were on the stellar set list: Dr. Chris McCurdy and Dr. Marc Slattery.

As the theme for the conference was “In Plain Sight,” each of the speakers brought to the fore something that may typically be overlooked. Topics as widely disparate as the promise of nanotechnology, the resurrection of “lost” manuscripts, and the cost of devaluing language in pop culture had brains in the audience bouncing and greedily absorbing new ideas from the presentations, each of which ranged from about 8-12 minutes in length.

Dr. McCurdy spoke of cutting edge research that will aid in the treatment of addiction, while Dr. Slattery spoke of the potentially life-saving biodiversity in coral reefs. The sheer diversity of discoveries happening at our university is something of which we can all be proud.

TEDx ideas are shared for the common good, and we should all be encouraged to continue to share the exciting things happening right here at UM. While the audience for Saturday’s mini-conference was limited, the TEDx talks from that day will soon be posted to the TEDx website.

The Ole Miss News story includes the names of the 10 speakers, and their presentation titles. Watch for our UM talks to be posted to the TEDx site in about two weeks: Recharge your brain by watching, and prepare to spread good ideas!