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Books? We Love Them!

Posted on: October 12th, 2015 by gegero

Alicia Bouldin, Associate Dean of Outcomes Assessment and Learning Advancement & Professor of Pharmacy Administration

The PharmAd Bookbinders’ Guild group.

The PharmAd Bookbinders’ Guild group.

….And we make them.  Together.  For fun.  The “PharmAd Bookbinders’ Guild” was founded to share an evening of bookbinding between faculty and students. (Oh, and also to help the UM Academy of Student Pharmacists chapter raise funds for community projects and travel grants.)

Six intrepid student pharmacists took a chance on this “out there” offering, contributing to the ASP auction in hope of winning the bookbinding session. What an enjoyable evening it turned out to be.  Four faculty members joined them in crafting mini-books during a 2-hour workshop.  We nearly perfected the buttonhole-stitch binding mini-journal, and plans were distributed for other common techniques for creating books, to include the coptic stitch, pamphlet stitch, stab and accordion bindings.

Beyond the books and the crafting, participants shared stories and laughs.  This was an excellent opportunity for those of us involved (faculty and students) to get to know each other at a level that course involvement rarely allows.  Plus, we all left with some ideas for hand-crafted gifts for friends and family. Books, books, and more books.  We love them.  And we make them.  For fun.