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UMMC Rotation

Posted on: August 24th, 2015 by gegero

Kathy LeeKathy Lee Barrack

Institutional rotations are ones that pharmacy students always look forward to, especially those with absolutely no hospital experience such as myself. The University of Mississippi Medical Center is nationally recognized and I was honored to be able to have my rotation there. My preceptor, Buddy Ogletree is a pharmacy legend. Those around him cannot help but to admire his dedication, intelligence, selflessness and expertise in the field of pharmacy.

While on my rotation I was able meet physicians, pharmacists, residents, nurses and other health care professionals. These professionals provided me with insight, advice, and more knowledge about the various opportunities a degree in pharmacy will be able to provide. I was fascinated with the professions of Pediatric and Emergency Medicine Pharmacists, which are crucial to provide optimal patient care. I look forward to completing more community and institutional pharmacy rotations throughout pharmacy school.