Early Entry Program

The University of Mississippi

The Early Entry Program Experience

As one of the nation’s premiere Early Entry pharmacy programs, available to highly-qualified high school graduates, the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy’s Early Entry Program provides its students with a number of special programs and services to support their success.

We not only want to see our students successfully matriculate into the Pharm.D. program at the end of their EE3 (junior) year, but we also want to see them excel academically, personally and professionally throughout their three years in the Early Entry Program.

Our doors are always open and our staff is always available to offer any support, advice, encouragement or resources necessary to meet the needs of our students.

Early Entry Pharmacy LLC

The Early Entry Pharmacy Living-Learning Community (LLC) offers a residential component for first-year students admitted to the Early Entry Pharmacy program.

The University of Mississippi’s Early Entry Pharmacy program provides highly-qualified students with guaranteed seats in the professional pharmacy program upon completion of three years of pre-pharmacy coursework. The Early Entry Pharmacy LLC adds additional support and sense of community to the robust program initiatives already in place to help Early Entry Pharmacy students succeed. Apply here.

EE1 Summer Orientation Experience

As a part of Ole Miss freshman orientation, EE1s meet as a group where they learn more about what to expect in the fall from faculty, staff and older students. When it comes time to select and register for fall courses, EE1s meet individually with their individual academic advisor. 

EE1 Fall Welcome Week Events/Move-In

The weekend before fall classes begin, EE1s and their families come together in the School of Pharmacy to hear from Dean David D. Allen, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs Kris Harrell, Assistant Dean of Student Services Chelsea Bennett and a host of others, for a specially-designed program aimed at both ensuring new students are set up for a great first semester of college and providing new students with opportunities to grow closer to fellow EE1s, mentors, staff, etc.

pEEr Mentoring

Shortly after being admitted to the program, new early entry students are paired with mentors. These mentors are older pharmacy students (and former participants in the Early Entry Program), having shared the same experience EE1s will go through in their first year of the program.

Early Entry Monthly Assemblies

Each month during the school year, early entry students come together for meetings in the School of Pharmacy. In addition to hearing from guest speakers on a wide variety of topics, students meet both as a group and as individual classes to discuss important happenings in the program.


In addition to receiving academic support through Supplemental Instruction (SI) Sessions for BISC 160 (Biology) and CHEM 105 (Chemistry) through each respective department, tutoring is offered on a weekly basis each semester for early entry students.

Social Events

To ensure holistic and meaningful experiences beyond just the classroom, a number of social events are held throughout the year in which early entry students come together for some fun with fellow students, mentors and even faculty and staff.

From special events like the Back-to-School Bash, School of Pharmacy football tailgates, KE Halloween party, Thanksgiving dinner, Pharmacy formal, Pharmacy Olympics, class dinners and more, we understand the need for our students to be able to have some fun together away from the books. It’s part of what makes the Early Entry experience so unique.

Study Pharmacy in Italy

Join Dr. Kristopher Harrell and Dr. Seena Haines in Italy one summer to study global health pharmacy practice and to examine cultural awareness in international health. Students will discuss practical and ethical challenges in providing care in other countries and comparing those to the United States. Students will also have the opportunity to explore some of the most incredible historical sites that Rome and Florence have to offer.

Requirements: PHARMACY MAJORS ONLY. Minimum 2.0 GPA, good academic and disciplinary standing at UM, and professor approval.

The price is $3,900 and includes tuition, UM Study Abroad Fee, housing, program-sponsored excursions, and international health insurance.

Attendees will receive 2 hours of PRCT 480 course credit.


Contact Dr. Chelsea Bennett, assistant dean for student services in Oxford at the School of Pharmacy, at cdwelch@olemiss.edu or (662) 915-2749.