Early Entry Program

The University of Mississippi

Early Entry Essentials

The University of Mississippi’s Early Entry Program provides highly-qualified high school seniors with guaranteed seats in the professional pharmacy program upon completion of three years of pre-pharmacy coursework, avoiding the competitive selection process for Regular Entry admission. However, all students who complete the three-year pre-pharmacy curriculum and first year of the professional curriculum will also receive a Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree. Upon earning the B.S.P.S. at the end of the first year of the professional program (senior year), students will then complete three additional years of study in the professional program before earning a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree and sitting for the national licensure exam to practice pharmacy.

The Early Entry Experience

Early Entry students volunteer at a pumpkin patch.

Early Entry students volunteer at a pumpkin patch.

Students admitted to the Early Entry Program enjoy far more than simply a guaranteed seat in the professional pharmacy program. They receive the benefits of an experience unlike any other on campus, the Early Entry Experience.

From the moment Early Entry students first step foot on campus until the day they receive their white coats and begin the professional program, these students truly become a close-knit “phamily” through a number of special program initiatives.

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Selection Process

Acceptance into the Early Entry Program is based on an applicant’s academic ability and aptitude for the study of pharmacy. Two primary factors considered in the selection process are performance on the ACT or SAT and high school grade-point average. Extra-curricular activities (e.g., service, leadership and employment) and performance during a campus interview are also considered.

To be considered for Early Entry admission students must:

  • Complete the ACT with preferred composite score of 24 or 570 [Math (M) plus Verbal (V)] or 1700 (M+V+Writing) on their SAT. Students must attain a minimum of 24 Math ACT subscore or equivalent Math subscore on the SAT.

Enrollment in the freshman Early Entry class is not capped. Residency is not a consideration in filling the top half of the class, but Mississippi residents are given preference for positions in the remainder of the class. Applications from non-Mississippi residents are encouraged.

Incoming Early Entry students in 2023 had an average ACT score of 27 and an average GPA of 3.9, and about half of the students are in-state. 

Progressive Entry

A Progressive Entry (PE) option is also available to Early Entry students wanting to complete their coursework in an accelerated timeframe (2 years instead of 3 years) by taking summer courses. Students eligible for PE usually transfer numerous dual enrollment and AP coursework from high school. Prospective students do not apply for PE, as placement in PE is determined during advising at orientation. For more information about Progressive Entry please contact Lindsey Cooper, coordinator of admissions at lindsey@olemiss.edu.