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A.M. Linton, Jr. (BSPH ’48) came from a long line of pharmacists. His wife, Sara Linton (BSPH ’48) of Tupelo, established the Linton Family Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment to honor the family tradition.

A named endowment fund is a gift to the University of Mississippi Foundation where the principal remains intact in perpetuity, and the annual earnings are used to support academic excellence, faculty, scholarships, and other campus initiatives. Named endowment funds require a minimum of $25,000 which can be paid in total or pledged and fulfilled over a period of up to five years.

For more information on the benefits you’d receive with your gift, read more here.

Named Endowed Funds

The School of Pharmacy has more than 50 endowed funds benefiting students and faculty. See below for a complete listing of established endowments.

For more information on how you can support your School of Pharmacy with an endowed fund, please contact Port Kaigler, School of Pharmacy Director of Development, at or (662) 915-5944.

  • Jim and Sarah Ainsworth Leadership Award
  • Dawn Ellison Allen Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Sidney K. Armstrong Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Geraldine P. Atchley Endowment
  • Gerald Timothy Bell Living Endowment
  • William H. Berry Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Ronald F. Borne Chair of Medicinal Chemistry
  • Henry C. Caldwell Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Ralph F. Cameron Sr. and Ernest Lott Cameron Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Cardinal Health Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Thelma H. Cerniglia Distinguished Teaching Scholars
  • Chilton Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • McKinley R. Clark Faculty Support Endowment
  • McKinley R. Clark Scholarship Endowment
  • Robert W. and Joan D. Cleary/Rho Chi Memorial Endowment
  • Winfield and Rachel Cotton Lectureship in Pharmacy Administration Endowment
  • Harriet Naomi Easley Cox Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Beth and Val Cuthbert Family Trust Endowment
  • Dixie Davis Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • W. Marvin Davis Endowment
  • Department of Pharmacognosy Endowment
  • Austin Dodge Pharmacy Library Endowment
  • Grace and Cy Doty Endowment
  • Terence E. Downer Pharmacy Scholarship Quasi-Endowment
  • Jack R. Dunn Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Eckerd Corporation Foundation Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • ElSohly Family Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Carla D. Evans Scholarship Endowment
  • Amie Ewing Endowment
  • William E. Farlow Fellowship Endowment
  • Henry Minor Faser and Linda Sultan Faser Memorial Endowment
  • Henry Minor Faser Endowment
  • Galen Order Endowment
  • Galen Order Distinguished Teaching Scholar
  • Galen Order/Medicinal Chemistry Nobles/Sam Research Award
  • Galen Order – Eli Lilly
  • Barbara and Dewey Garner Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Gladys and M. Lynn Garrett Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Alta Ray Gault Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • James Robert Haines Memorial Scholarship – TriState Educational Foundation
  • Hartman – Johnson Endowment
  • James O. Hogue Scholarship Endowment
  • Amy Jaeger Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Johnson – Abdo Pharmacy Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Johnson – Condon Pharmacy Family Scholarship
  • Ted Klein Fund for Pharmaceutical Public Relations
  • Linton Family Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • C. Stanton Maxcy Endowment
  • McCaskill Pharmacy Family Scholarship Endowment
  • Joseph B. McCaskill Endowment
  • Francis G. McDonald Scholarship Endowment
  • Medical Marketing Economics Fellowship
  • John R. Mullican Memorial Endowment
  • Margaret Haaga Murphree Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • C. Milton O’Keefe Scholarship Endowment
  • Joseph G. and Martha Oliver Family Pharmacy Endowment
  • Randall L. Owens Pharmacy Endowment
  • Bruce R. Parks, Jr. Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship
  • Department of Pharmacology Endowment
  • Pharmacy Alumni Chapter Scholarship Endowment
  • Walter J. Pierron, Jr. Leadership in Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Plough School of Pharmacy Supplement Endowment
  • Plough Scholarship Endowment
  • Edith Pritchard Pharmacology Award Endowment
  • Rite Aid Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Amy McElroy Rutherford Memorial Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Dr. Joseph Sam Distinguished Alumnus Award Endowment
  • Quentin Ross Sanderson Pharmacy Scholarship Endowment
  • Madeline Occhipinti Sciacca Memorial Scholarship Endowment
  • Dawn Gatlin Smith and Charles I. Smith Sr. Memorial Scholarship Endowment in Pharmacy
  • Solvay Pharmaceuticals Fund for Pharmaceutical Marketing
  • Triplett-Behrakis Pharmacy Endowment
  • Vicksburg Medical Foundation Scholarship Fund
  • Coy and Beverly Waller Endowment
  • I. Wade Waters Pharmacology Alumni Distinguished Professorship Endowment
  • William Duncan Watkins Scholarship Endowment in Pharmacy
  • Barbara G. and Richard M. Wells Endowed Professorship
  • Barbara G. and Richard M. Wells Scholarship Endowment
  • Samuel Edward Wilks Scholarship Endowment
  • Joseph E. Wilson Pharmacy Endowment
  • Dr. Marvin C. Wilson Scholarship Endowment