Alumni & Giving

The University of Mississippi

1908 Society Members

The 1908 Society was created to help the School of Pharmacy better recognize annual donors who provide crucial means of support. For more, download our information sheet.

Below is a list of our current members. We thank them for their dedication to our school.

Alumni and Friends (Fiscal Year 2015) 

1908 Society logo

  • David D. and Loree Allen
  • Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation – Sarah and Jimmy Ainsworth
  • Baptist Memorial Health Care
  • John and Sandra Bentley
  • Laci Goodwin Brown
  • Benjamin F. and Selena Burns
  • Philip and Cecilia L. Caldwell
  • Cardinal Health
  • Francis Cerniglia
  • Joan Dorothy Cleary
  • Clint & Ellen Ann Johnson Foundation
  • Cumberland Pharmaceuticals
  • CVS Charitable Trust, Inc.
  • Keith and Kelley C. Dacus
  • Samuel Eugene Daniel
  • Eugene Irvine Dreher
  • Scott and Anita Drury
  • Doug and Jillian J. Foster
  • Dewey and Barbara Garner
  • Hamilton and Charlotte Haley
  • Erin R. Holmes
  • David and Christy S. Hudson
  • Robert and Penny Lomenick
  • William Russell and Amanda Love
  • Joe and Winnie McCaskill
  • Rocky McGarity
  • Mckesson Corporation
  • Wendy and John Mckinney
  • Medical Marketing Economics
  • Jimmy Ray Mitchell
  • Robert and Melissa Murphree
  • North Mississippi Health Services
  • Steve and Andrea C. Oliver
  • Jo Anne Oliver and Gary Wright
  • Joseph and Martha Oliver
  • Estate Of Randall L. Owens
  • Shan and Kelli Parker
  • Pharmacists Mutual Ins Co.
  • Pharmacy Network Foundation, Inc.
  • Richard A. Polizzi
  • Robert Henry Read
  • Michael A. and Staci Repka
  • Rite Aid Corporation
  • Roquette America, Inc.
  • Albert Andrew Sanderson
  • Craig and Linda Sartin
  • Billy and Cheryl M. Sudduth
  • Gerald and Gail Turner
  • Jimmie L. and Carrie Valentine
  • Vicksburg Medical Foundation
  • Don and Mary Beth Walden
  • Wal-Mart Stores Incorporated
  • Emily I. Warren
  • Waters Corporation
  • Richard M. and Barbara L. Wells
  • Winnie Wilks
  • Stanley and Carol Williams
  • Dennis and Susan C. Wilson
  • Marvin C. and Becky Wilson
  • Michael S. and Angela Wilson
  • Nathan Collin Wright