Alumni & Giving
The University of Mississippi

1908 Society Members

The 1908 Society was created to help the School of Pharmacy better recognize annual donors who provide crucial means of support. For more, download our information sheet.

Below is a list of our current members. We thank them for their dedication to our school.

Fiscal Year 2018-19 Members


  • W. Percy Malone and Donna Malone
  • North Mississippi Health Services
  • Phlight Pharma
  • Mickey C. Smith

1908 Society logoAssociate

  • H. Joseph Byrd and Gloria M. Byrd
  • Katie S. McClendon
  • Mississippi Independent Pharmacies Association
  • Nancy K. Stengel


  • Russell Atchley
  • Experimur
  • Gary Martin Jones and Janice P. Jones
  • Brian C. Reisetter
  • Carrie R. Valentine and Jimmie L. Valentine


  • J. Blake Thompson and Jana J. Thompson
  • David D. Allen and Loree G. Allen
  • Suvapun Bunniran
  • Robert D. Hicks and Teresa A. Hicks
  • Robert H. Lomenick
  • Michael A. Repka and Staci L. Repka
  • Kenneth B. Roberts and Kittye Rice Roberts
  • Tri State Educational Foundation
  • William Elisha York
  • John P. Bentley and Sandra Irene Bentley
  • Clovis Smith Burch
  • R. Frank Canada and Marilyn R. Canada
  • Francis Daniel Cerniglia
  • Joan Dorothy Cleary
  • Clint and Ellen Ann Johnson Foundation
  • David Stephen Crider and Lynn S. Crider
  • Cumberland Pharma Foundation
  • CVS Corporation Foundation
  • Deloitte Foundation
  • Helen W. Downer
  • Billy Webb Elkins and Ginny Simmons
  • Express Scripts Foundation
  • William B. French
  • Dewey D. Garner
  • Carter G. Haines and Jackie E. Haines
  • Stuart Tilman Haines and Seena L. Haines
  • Charlotte M. Haley and Hamilton Y. Haley
  • Robert M. Hearin Support Foundation
  • David Charles Hudson and Christy S. Hudson
  • Jennifer Alane Hufford
  • Ellen Ann Johnson
  • John C. Kapeghian and Martha H. Kapeghian
  • Van Ellis Lee
  • Bryan Levi
  • Sara L. Linton
  • Melinda Leigh Matthews and Patricia C. White
  • Kyle D. Null and Brandy Null
  • Joseph G. Oliver and Martha D. Oliver
  • Richard A. Polizzi and Madeline Polizzi
  • Jason E. Ritchie and Kristie L. Willett
  • Brendan S. Ross and Leigh Ann Ross
  • Melanie Diane Smith
  • Boyce A. Taylor
  • Barbara Lea G. Wells and Richard M. Wells
  • Wilma J. Wilbanks and Robert P. Wilbanks
  • Marvin C. Wilson and Rebecca E. Wilson
  • Mack Davidson Woo and Samantha Tran Woo
  • Nathan Collin Wright
  • Eddie T. Yau