Excellence Indicators

Doctor of Pharmacy Program Excellence Indicators

Accreditation Status

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy was awarded an eight-year accreditation status (the maximum length achievable) in 2020 from the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE), the national agency for accreditation of professional degree programs in pharmacy responsible for assuring excellence in pharmacy education. The University of Mississippi is itself accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS), with the most recent re-affirmation of that accreditation occurring in 2019 for a full 10-year term.

On-Time Graduation Rates
Year of AdmissionGraduating ClassOn-Time GraduatesTotal Number of StudentsAcademic DismissalsWithdrawalsDelayed Graduation
2019202394 (96%)109112 (5 for med school and 1 for grad school)4
NAPLEX Passing Rates for First Attempts
Graduating ClassFirst Time CandidatesUM Pass RateNational Pass Rate


MPJE Passing Rates for First Attempts
Graduating ClassFirst Time Candidates
UM Pass Rate
National Pass Rate

Evidence-Based Evaluation of Capstone Activities

One important outcome expected of graduates of the UMSOP is the ability to “interpret patient-specific data and other evidence,” enabling our new pharmacists to participate more fully as medication experts on the health care team. A key evaluation of that ability is provided in the clinical setting by our preceptor practitioners during the fourth (and final) professional year. For the Class of 2022, that evidence-based evaluation revealed that 100% of the class achieved competence (with an average of 79.38% meriting the “best anticipated” level of performance).

Class of 2023 Practice Settings Immediately Post Graduation

Residency Training – 39%

Community Practice – 28%

Institutional Practice – 5%

Graduate School - 2%

Mail Order - 1%

Managed Care - 1%

Unknown/Other/No Data – 24%

*Last modified June 2024