Early Entry Program

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FAQ about the Early Entry Program

Does early entry mean “early completion” of the program?

No. “Early” implies early admission into the professional degree program, B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Early entry students must complete seven years of coursework to receive the entry level practice degree, Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.).

If I am an early entry student and do not maintain early entry status, what happens?

Unless otherwise indicated by the student, early entry students who do not maintain the criteria for the Early Entry Program will be changed to “pre-pharmacy” status. If a student desires to change their major from pharmacy, the student must contact the school/college on campus to update their major, e.g. for a history major, a student would go to the College of Liberal Arts and request their major be changed to history. Once a student loses early entry status, early entry benefits are no longer available to that student in the future.

Early Entry students who have less than a 3.25 cumulative GPA on required, non-elective courses, but above/at a 3.0 have the opportunity to take part in the “Early Entry Academic Achievement Program” the next school year, giving such students an additional year on “probation” to achieve the cumulative 3.25 as mentioned above.

Will I have time to participate in the Honors College or other activities?

Early entry students are encouraged to consider enrollment in the Honors College. The School of Pharmacy encourages students to integrate fully into campus life, but cautions against over-committing your time especially during the freshman year.

How do I qualify for the Early Entry Program?

Minimal qualifications for the Early Entry Program include an ACT of 25 (Math subscore 25) or SAT equivalent. In addition the student’s best ACT score added to ten times the high school GPA (based on a 4.0 scale) in all courses of 9th, 10th, 11th and the fall semester of the 12th grade must equal 65 or better. Ex. ACT 25; GPA calculation on courses 9th, 10th, 11th and fall of 12th grade must equal 4.0 —  (4.0 x 10) + 25 = 65. All courses are treated equally. If high schools report numerical grades rather than letter grades, the School of Pharmacy will consider 90 or > = A and 80-89=B. The School of Pharmacy will consider a weighted GPA when it is submitted to the School of Pharmacy by the applicant’s high school counselor.

How is early entry different from pre-pharmacy?

Early entry students are considered B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences students rather than pre-pharmacy students. Although Early entry students are not enrolled in professional courses, they are considered a member of the professional program.  They must complete the same three year pre-professional curriculum.  Refer to Advantages of the Early Entry Program.

Is residency a factor in selecting the early entry students?

In general, Mississippi residents are given preference for admission. However, for the first half of the early entry positions available no residency preference is utilized.

What will be my major?

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Is an interview required?

Yes. Early entry applicants must interview with a pharmacy faculty member and an upper class pharmacy student on site as part of an Early Entry Applicant Day.

Can I change my major after I’m accepted as an early entry student?

Early entry students, like all UM students, are free to change academic programs as they desire.

Do early entry students have to perform better on pre-professional courses and the Pharmacy College Admissions Test (PCAT) than pre-pharmacy students?

Early entry students must maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.25 on required pre-professional courses. Depending on the year, a pre-pharmacy applicant may not be admitted with a GPA of 3.25.  Early entry students must achieve a minimum composite percentile of 50 on the PCAT. Pre-pharmacy applicants must achieve a minimum of 40 composite percentile on the PCAT to be considered for admission.  Some years a composite percentile of 60 may be required of pre-pharmacy students to gain admission.

Who can apply for the Early Entry Program?

Only graduating high school seniors.

Are letters of recommendation required?

No. The School of Pharmacy does not require letters of recommendation for the early entry selection process.


Early Entry admissions counselor at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy Lindsey Cooper

Early Entry admissions counselor Lindsey Cooper

For more questions or details, please contact Early Entry admissions counselor Lindsey Cooper at lindsey@olemiss.edu or (662) 915-1323

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