School of Pharmacy Research Cores

The School of Pharmacy is home to several cores of research excellence, which provide a platform for our faculty and research staff to collaborate on complex health care problems.

The BPC aims to provide students, faculty, and research staff at the University of Mississippi (UM) and our partners within the Northern Mississippi region with access to a Seahorse XFe96 Analyzer for mitochondrial, cellular, and organismal analyses of bioenergetics and metabolism.

The aim of MIC is to provide the students, faculty and research staff at the University of Mississippi (UM) with access to and training in advanced microscopy techniques. Presently, the Core provides imaging and analysis services with the JSM-7200 FLV Field-Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM). With its high magnification, ultra-high spatial resolution capabilities and multiple detectors, the SEM is a key instrument for several UM departments and supports a number of multidisciplinary research programs ranging from fundamental biology to nanotechnology.

The University of Mississippi’s CORE-NPN brings together a critical mass of researchers with complementary backgrounds and skills to conduct systematic and rigorous investigations related to the psychoactive properties of natural products. The Center builds on the existing strength at the university in natural products research with a rapidly developing neuroscience community. Building on a strong foundation and history of excellence in natural products research, CORE-NPN involves faculty in the NCNPR as well as the Departments of Pharmacology, Pharmacognosy, Pharmaceutics, Medicinal Chemistry, Psychology, Biology, Chemistry, and Biochemistry. 

GlyCORE supports investigators in glycoscience through direct funding of selected research projects, establishes mentors for early career investigators, supports the recruitment of new faculty in glycoscience, and develops local and regional meetings for investigators to discuss their work. Our goal is to lower the barriers for entry into glycoscience for researchers across the spectrum of biomedical research, which is what make GlyCORE innovative. We do not solely serve the dedicated glycoscience community, but rather develop the infrastructure and dedicated expertise necessary to support glycoscience research from a diverse community.

The aim of the NMR facility is to provide the students, research staff, faculty at the University as well as external users with access to equipment and training on variety of NMR methods. Currently, facility is equipped with four spectrometers available for general use. These instruments support variety of interdisciplinary projects ranging from chemistry to structural biology