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Dr. Wenli Lu

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Faser Hall, Room 103
(662) 915-7616
School of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmaceutics

DR. WENLI LU received her Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Science in 2001 from China Pharmaceutical University and her Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Sciences in 2006 from China Pharmaceutical University. She worked as an Assistant Professor/Lecturer, in the Departmentof Pharmaceutics at the China Pharmaceutical Unviersity from 2006-2009. She worked in the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tennessee Halth Science Center from 2009-2013. She was a Post-Doc/Research Coordinator at the Unviersity of Tennessee Health Science Center from 2013 – 2014.


Her Dissertation comprised of “The Study of Brain Targeted Injectable Unilamellar Vesicles for Hydrophilic Herb Drug”


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