Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology
The University of Mississippi


Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology

The Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology (Pii Center), a unit organized under the Research Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (RIPS), conducts interdisciplinary drug/polymer research that provides end-stage pharmaceutical products directed at therapeutic conditions, vaccines, antidotes and wound care.

This unique center leverages the existing expertise and resources at the University of Mississippi (UM). Utilizing cutting edge thermal processing, the Pii Center collaborates with private industry, government and academia to develop new, improved and expanded drug delivery systems.

Many drugs and biological products require special delivery systems. The Pii Center provides problem-solving approaches for the development of cost-effective, patient friendly and efficacious delivery systems for existing active pharmaceutical ingredients as well as for new chemical entities. Utilizing solid solutions and dispersions and nanotechnology, the Pii Center develops novel formulations to improve bioavailability and therapeutic efficacy.

UM’s patented ‘Hot-melt Extruded Laminated Platform’ (iHELP™) technology, for example, promises broad-based availability of essential medicines for rapid response to both civilian and military personnel. Additionally, the Pii Center focuses on industrial pharmacy, developing Process Analytical Tools (PAT) and other methodologies to incorporate Quality by Design (QbD) principles and therefore increase the end-product success rate.