Environmental Toxicology Research Program
The University of Mississippi

Research Scientists, Postdoctoral Research Associates, and Staff


Cammi Thornton

Research Advisor: Kristie Willett

Principal Research and Development Chemist

I expose adult fish and embryos to environmental contaminants and try to determine the mechanism of action in which toxicities are manifested.


tel: 662-915-7612




Jessica Pruett

Postdoctoral Research AssociateWoman posing for photo and smiling

Research Advisor: Deborah Gochfeld


  • Ph.D., Biology, Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA 
  • B.S., Marine Biology, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA

Research Interests

  • Animal Behavior, Community ecology, Sensory ecology 


tel: 662-915-1706


Hang Nguyen

Postdoctoral Research Associate


Research Advisor: Courtney Roper


  • Ph.D., Air Pollution, Sejong University, South Korea
  • M.S., Applied Mechanics, Vietnam National University, Vietnam
  • B.S., Computer Science, Vietnam National University, Vietnam

Research Interests:

  • Ambient air pollution focus on investigation the behaviors of particulate matters (PM) and gaseous pollutants (e.g., Hg, NOx, SO2,… ) in various environmental settings
  • Evaluation of VOCs concentration in indoor sources
  • Using air quality modeling to identify the emission sources of pollution and their effects on ambient air quality


tel: 662-915-7612