About CPMM

The Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management is a center of excellence that advances research, teaching, and service in the areas of medication use and health outcomes, management of health care organizations, and the marketing and utilization of cost-saving and appropriate medications in all segments of the health care industry. The CPMM contributes through graduate teaching and graduate research experiences to help make the graduate program in the Department of Pharmacy Administration one, if not the, strongest graduate programs with an emphasis in pharmacy management, pharmaceutical marketing, and medication use outcomes. Collaborative research is important in the CPMM and almost all of the research projects in the center and department are conducted by collaborative teams of faculty, staff, and graduate students working in the two units.


The mission of the Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management is to promote efficient and effective marketing and management of products and services in all segments of pharmacy, health care and the pharmaceutical industry. The CPMM also provides an environment where business, government, and education can all come together to exchange research ideas, results, and information.


The current CPMM was created by a merger of the Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management Program in RIPS, started in 1986, and an existing center of the same name in the Department of Pharmacy Administration in the School of Pharmacy. The CPMM is a natural outgrowth of the expertise and reputation of the faculty, and it capitalizes on strategic partnerships between CPMM and the Department of Pharmacy Administration and other departments at the University.

The CPMM is one of five research centers in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Mississippi. RIPS was formed by an act of the Mississippi State Legislature in 1964.


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