Welcome from the Director

John BentleyWelcome to the University of Mississippi Center for Pharmaceutical Marketing and Management. I am John Bentley, director of the CPMM.

The CPMM is one of five research centers in the School of Pharmacy’s Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences. The CPMM promotes the efficiency and effectiveness in the marketing and management of pharmaceutical products and services in all segments of the industry.

The CPMM faculty and staff are involved in research projects, graduate education, and professional service activities. We work very closely with the faculty, staff, and graduate students in the Department of Pharmacy Administration. Both units of the school strongly believe in collaborative team efforts and almost all research projects are conducted by teams composed of faculty from both units and graduate students from Pharmacy Administration.

I hope you will take time to explore the CPMM and Pharmacy Administration sites to learn more about our combined research capabilities and activities and the unique graduate experience provided by the Department of Pharmacy Administration.