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What Do Pharmacists Do? 

Pharmacists ensure patients get the right medications in the correct doses, keep track of all medications patients take to prevent harmful interactions and offer advice to physicians and patients to help manage their medication therapies. Pharmacists also have the authority and ability to administer immunizations and help patients manage chronic conditions such as asthma, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

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Where Do Pharmacists Work? 

While many pharmacists choose to practice in independent, chain or supermarket pharmacies, others practice in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, home health care organizations and even veterinary clinics. They also work in the pharmaceutical industry, law enforcement and government, as well as private companies and universities.

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How Much Do Pharmacists Make?

Average annual starting salaries of our recent graduates range from $105,000 to $122,000, depending upon where they practice. Few degrees match a pharmacy degree’s versatility, value and return on investment.

How Does One Become A Pharmacist?

To become a pharmacist, one must earn a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and pass the national licensure exam. Earning a Pharm.D. from the University of Mississippi requires seven years of collegiate study, including three years of pre-pharmacy courses and four years of professional pharmacy course work.

Why is UM the right prescription for my child’s future?

Our degree programs foster mastery of the practical and theoretical knowledge and analytical, communications and teamwork skills needed in today’s rapidly changing health care environment. Because of this balance of knowledge and skills, our graduates are leaders and managers in biomedical research companies, hospitals, government agencies, universities, trade organizations, Fortune 500 companies and every imaginable pharmacy practice setting. To the right, we have highlighted many of the benefits of receiving an Ole Miss Pharmacy education.

Our curriculum provides ample opportunities to assess and counsel patients, monitor their drug therapies and dispense their medications. As a result, our students’ five-year pass rate on the national licensure exam is 91.15 percent, which is higher than the national average. (Updated February 22, 2018.) This makes our graduates highly sought after and their credentials impeccable.

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