School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

The Pharmacy Student Experience

Early-Entry Program

Before student pharmacists step foot on the University of Mississippi campus, the School of Pharmacy works with them to prepare them for a fulfilling career in pharmacy. Our Early-Entry program offers admission to high-performing high school seniors who know that the School of Pharmacy is for them. Early-Entry students have the opportunity to live in an Early-Entry Living Learning Community once they are on campus, and have access to pharmacy academic and professional development opportunities. 

More information: Early-Entry Program

Pre-Pharmacy Program

Pre-pharmacy students are freshmen, sophomores and juniors at the University of Mississippi who plan to apply to the School of Pharmacy’s professional program during their junior year. Once admitted, students begin their senior year as first-year pharmacy students studying in the School of Pharmacy. At the end of this first year, students earn a Bachelor of Sciences in Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

More information: Pre-Pharmacy Program

Professional Program

First- and Second-Year Students

The Pharm.D. program consists of four years of professional study. Students from the University of Mississippi or transfer students from another college or university may apply to the professional program during their junior year. (Application deadlines here.) First and second year pharmacy students study in the School of Pharmacy on the Oxford campus, taking courses from renowned faculty. Students have many opportunities to become involved in pharmacy student and professional organizations. 

More information: Professional Program

Third-Year Students

Third-year pharmacy students take courses at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson so that they may benefit from the strength of the academic medical center and interprofessional collaboration opportunities available with other medical schools at the Medical Center. In addition to having more direct access to medical professionals and medical technology, living in Jackson offers third-year students increased service and volunteer activities with other medical facilities.

More information: School of Pharmacy at UMMC

Fourth-Year Students

Student pharmacists spend their fourth and final professional year completing ten, one-month advanced pharmacy practice experiences at practice sites at UMMC and throughout Mississippi and other states.

Upon graduation, students have the opportunity to apply for a residency to continue their pharmacy education. School of Pharmacy graduates enjoy a 100% job and/or residency placement rating.