School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

Faculty and Scientist Research Expertise

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Faculty/Scientist Department Research Expertise
Dr. Kim Adcock Pharmacy Practice Pediatrics, Neonatal Medicine, Chronic Lung Disease, Cystic Fibrosis, Ethics, Clinical Research, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Educational Research
Dr. Ameeta Agarwal NCNPR Antifungal Drug Discovery, Mechanism of Action, Transcriptional Profiling, Next Generation Sequencing, High Throughput Screens, Drug-Potentiation
Dr. Abbas Ali NCNPR Botanicals; Natural Insect Repellants
Dr. Zulfiqar Ali NCNPR Natural Products Chemistry; Isolation
Dr. Bahram Alidaee Pharmacy Administration Applied Management Science, Operations Management, Logistics and Supply Chain Mangaement
Dean David D. Allen School of Pharmacy Blood-Brain Barrier, Brain, Delivery, Pharmacy Education
Dr. Mohammad Khalid Ashfaq NCNPR Animal Models, Efficacy Studies, Pharmacokinetics Studies, Infectious Diseases, Cancer, Metabolic Diseases, Poison Ivy, Natural Compounds, Liver Injury Evaluation
Dr. Eman Ashour Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Solid Dispersion Approaches, Melt Extrusion, Pre-Formulation & Formulation Development
Dr. Nicole Ashpole BioMolecular Sciences Neuroscience, Aging, Geroscience, Learning and Memory
Dr. Cristina Avonto NCNPR Skin Sensitization, Cosmetics/Personal Care, Topical Formulations, Natural Products, Essential Oils, Chemical Profiling & Isolation and Structure Elucidation of Natural Products, NMR
Dr. Bharathi Avula NCNPR Validation, Method Development, Dietary Supplements, Herbals/Botanicals, Chemical Profiling, Biological Samples
Dr. Premalatha Balachandran NCNPR Anticancer, Cell Signaling, Botanical Drugs, High Throughput Screening, In Vivo Immune Stimulation
Dr. Jordan Ballou Pharmacy Practice Community Pharmacy, Mental Health, Prescription Drug Abuse, Chronic Care Management, Community-Based Research
Dr. Benjamin F. Banahan Pharmacy Administration Health Outcomes, Pharmacy Quality Measures, Drug Utilization, Medicaid, Pharmacoepidemiology
Dr. Katie E. Barber Pharmacy Practice Pharmacokinetics, Pharmacodynamics, Bacterial Resistance
Dr. Marie Barnard Pharmacy Administration Public Health Issues in Pharmacy, Health Behavior, Health Outcomes, Intimate Partner Violence, STEM Education, Program Evaluation
Dr. John P. Bentley Pharmacy Administration Pharmaceutical Marketing & Patient Behavior, Evaluation of Healthcare Providers by Patients, Quality of Life, Medication Use, Misuse, & Outcomes, Medication Adherence, Ethics & Professionalism, Tobacco Use, Control, and Cessation Among College Students, Pharmacy Practice Management, Statistical Mediation Analysis, Longitudinal Data Analysis
Dr. Sandy I. Bentley Pharmacy Practice Tobacco Cessation, Medication Error Prevention
Dr. Lauren Bloodworth Pharmacy Practice Community-Based Research, Ambulatory Care, Medication Therapy Management, Comprehensive Medication Management, Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Transitions of Care
Dr. Alicia S. Bouldin Pharmacy Administration Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Decision-Making, Motivation, Professionalism
Dr. Meagan A. Brown Pharmacy Practice Cardiometabolic Diseases, Community-Based Research, Community Pharmacy, Rural Health, Health Disparities, Scholarship of Teaching 
Dr. Amanda Capino Pharmacy Practice Pediatrics, Critical Care, Drug Withdrawal, Health Literacy
Dr. Walter G. Chambliss Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Formulation Development, Modified Release Formations, Regulations, Patent Prosecution
Dr. Suman Chandra NCNPR Conservation, Multiplication, & Improvement of Medicinal Plants, Effects of Possible Future Climatic Changes on Physiology & Secondary Metabolites of Medicinally Important Plants
Dr. Amar Chittiboyina NCNPR Asymmetric Organic Synthesis, Total Synthesis of Natural Products, Chemical Modifications, Medicinal Chemistry, Structure-Activity Relationships, Biogenesis, Alternative Methods, Application of In-Silico Techniques
Dr. Mahavir B. Chougule Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Cancer, Pulmonary Disorders, Skin Diseases, Nanotechnology, Translational Drug Delivery, Targeted Drug Delivery, Proteins, siRNA
Dr. Pier Paolo Claudio BioMolecular Sciences Targeted  Cancer Therapy, Gene Transfer, Anticancer Therapy Screening, Personalized Medicine, Natural Products, Botanical Drugs, Cancer Stem Cells
Dr. David A. Colby NCNPR Natural Products, Fluorine, Cancer, Medicinal Chemistry, Addiction
Dr. Rebecca Crane Pharmacy Practice Cardiometabolic Disease, Community-Based Research
Dr. Courtney Davis Pharmacy Practice Diabetes, Cardiometric, Education, Community-Based
Dr. Robert J. Doerksen BioMolecular Sciences Computational Medicinal Chemistry, Properties of Small Molecules, Protein Structure, Protein-Ligand Interactions, Protein Kinases, Cannabinoid Receptors, Malaria
Dr. Sally Earl Pharmacy Practice Ambulatory Care Pharmacy, Transitions of Care, Chronic Disease Management, Pharmacy Service Integration into Value-based Health Care Models
Dr. Linda Eastham NCNPR Natural Products Research, Anticancer Therapy, Cancer Stem Cells, Cellular & Molecular Biology
Dr. Mahmoud A. ElSohly Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Cannabis & Cannabinoids Chemistry, Product Development, Natural Products, Analytical Procedures
Dr. Joshua Fleming Pharmacy Practice Adherence, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Leadership: Health/Wellness
Dr. Laurie Warrington Fleming Pharmacy Practice Cardiometabolic Disease, Community-Based Research, Experiential Education, Endocrinology
Dr. Rama S. Gadepalli BioMolecular Sciences Synthesis; Purification; Molecular Modification Methods; Plant-Derived Medicinal Compounds
Dr. Deborah Gochfeld NCNPR Marine Chemical Ecology, Marine Natural Products, Coral and Sponge Diseases, Environmental Toxicology, Marine Ecology, Climate Change
Dr. Seena Haines Pharmacy Practice Endocrinology, Obesity, Women’s Health, Tobacco Cessation, Faculty/Preceptor Development
Dr. Stuart T. Haines Pharmacy Practice Ambulatory Care, Anticoagulation Therapy, Diabetes, Hypertension, Implementation Science, Instructional Methods, Instructional Technology, Patient Management, Stroke Prevention, Venous Thromboembolism
Dr. T. Kristopher Harrell Pharmacy Practice Experiential Education, Preceptor Development, Student Development, Cardiovascular Disease, Adult and Childhood Obesity
Dr. Hannah Harris BioMolecular Sciences Chronic Pain, Addiction, Drug Efficacy Screening, Animal Models
Dr. H.M.T. Bandara Herath NCNPR Natural Product Chemistry, Isolation, Purification, Activity & Toxicity
Dr. Erin Holmes Pharmacy Administration Health Policy, Community Pharmacy, Pharmacy Management, Pharmacy Law, Pharmacy Services
Dr. Mohamed Ali Ibrahim NCNPR Natural Products Chemistry, Drug Discovery, Anticancer: Depression Disorders, MRSA, Organic Chemistry, Drug Design, Phytochemistry
Dr. Muhammad Ilias NCNPR Drug Discovery, Anti-Infective, Anticancer, Neuropharmacology, Centrifugal Chromatography
Dr. Anastasia B. Jenkins Pharmacy Practice Practice Model Advancement in Institutional Practice, Nutrition Support
Dr. Seongbong Jo Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Targeted Drug Delivery, Molecular Imaging, Photodynamic Therapy, Stimuli-Sensitive Polymers
Dr. Ikhlas A. Khan NCNPR Safety, Quality, Dietary Supplements, Microbial Transformation, Medicinal Plant Products, Large Scale Extraction, Natural Products
Dr. Shabana Khan NCNPR Biological Screening (Malaria, Cancer, Inflammation, Diabetes, Metabolic Disorder), Preclinical Studies (Safety, Toxicity, Drug-Drug Interaction, PK, Drug Metabolism Transportation and Bioavailability)
Dr. Hemant Lata NCNPR Plant Cell, Tissue & Organ Culture, Cryopreservation & Alternative Techniques for Long-term Storage of Clonal Plant Germplasm, Evaluation of Micropropagated Plants for Synthesis of Secondary Metabolites & Genetic Stability
Dr. Hoang V. Le BioMolecular Sciences Organic Synthesis, Methodology, Structure-based Drug Design, Structure-Activity Relationship, Enzymology
Dr. Xing-Cong Li NCNPR Natural Products Chemistry, Medicinal Plants, Agrochemicals, Antifungal, Anti-Infective
Dr. Soumyajit Majumdar Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

Physicochemical Characterization, Biopharmaceutics, Formulation Development, Ocular, Transmucosal, Prodrugs, Transporter-targeting, Nanoparticles

Dr. Scott S. Malinowski Pharmacy Practice Community-Based Pharmacy Research, Ambulatory Care, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Specialized Nutrition Support, Drug-induced Liver Injury
Dr. Katie S. McClendon Student Services Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Obesity, Bariatric Surgery, Diabetes, Comprehensive Medication Management
Dr. S. Narasimha Murthy Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Dermal, Transdermal, Nail, Intranasal, Brain, Drug Delivery
Dr. Dale G. Nagle BioMolecular Sciences Tumor Metabolism, Antitumor Pharmacology
Dr. N.P. Dhammika Nanayakkara NCNPR Natural Product: Isolation, Chemistry, & Synthesis
Dr. Ahmed M. Osman NCNPR Isolation & Structural Elucidation of Natural Products, Chemical Modification of Natural Products, Chemical Derivatization of Natural Products, Pharmaceutical Botany
Dr. Jason Paris BioMolecular Sciences Addiction, HIV/AIDS, Neurodegeneration, Neuroendocrinology, Psychiatric Disorders, Sex Differences
Dr. Iffat Parveen NCNPR Gene Cloning & Expression of Proteins, Secondary Metabolites, Molecular Biology, DNA Barcode, PCR, Dietary Supplements, Medicinal Plants
Dr. David S. Pasco NCNPR Innate Immune Enhancer, Anticancer, Cell Signaling, Botanical Drugs, Screening
Dr. Adam Pate Pharmacy Practice Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Student Success, Motivation, Item-Writing Technique
Dr. Kristen Pate Pharmacy Practice Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Pharmacy Education
Dr. James J. Pitcock Pharmacy Practice Cardiovascular, Heart Failure, Cultural Competency, Pharmacy Practice 
Dr. Eric Pittman Pharmacy Administration Medicaid, Fraud Detection Analyses, Cost-Effectiveness Analyses, Provider Education, Mental Health Treatment
Dr. Vitor Pomin BioMolecular Sciences NMR spectroscopy, Structural (Glyco)biology, Marine Natural Products, Glycomics, Carbohydrate-Protein Interactions, Interactomics, Anticoagulation, Antithrombosis
Dr. Nirmal D.C. Pugh NCNPR Immune, Botanical, Dietary Supplement, Bacterial Endophytes, Standardization
Dr. Mohamed M. Radwan NCNPR Cannabis, Metabolites from Plant, Fungi, & Marine Sources, Isolation & Structure Elucidation, Quality Control, Analysis of Natural Products
Dr. Sujith Ramachandran Pharmacy Administration Pharmaceutical Marketing, Health Outcomes Research
Dr. Vijayasankar Raman NCNPR Plant Taxonomy, Morphology, Anatomy, Identification and Authentication, Light Microscopy, Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), Botanical Repository, Plant Photography
Dr. Junaid Rehman NCNPR Product Development (natural & synthetic), Pest Control Strategies, Toxicity of Natural Products, Bed Bugs, Human-Insecticide Exposure
Dr. Melissa Reilly Pharmacy Practice Transitions of Care for Patients, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, Congestive Heart Failure, Prevention of Diseases via Nutrition and Lifestyle, Geriatrics, Palliative, Hospice, Service Learning
Dr. Michael A. Repka Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Hot-Melt Extrusion, Solubility, Drug Delivery Systems, Transmucosal, Formulations
Dr. Daniel M. Riche Pharmacy Practice Cardiometabolics, Diabetes, Lipids, Hypertension, Testosterone, Dietary Supplements, Natural Products, Clinical Trials, Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Educational Research
Dr. John M. Rimoldi BioMolecular Sciences Synthetic Medicinal Chemistry, LC-MS Analysis, Natural Product Neurotoxins, Anticancer Drug Development, Environmental Chemistry
Dr. Meagen Rosenthal Pharmacy Administration Professional Culture, Change Management, Community Pharmacy, Personality Traits, Patient-Centered Research Development, Patient-Centered Research, Implementation Science
Dr. Leigh Ann Ross Clinical Affairs Community-Based Research, Ambulatory Care, Comprehensive Medication Management, Medication Therapy Management, Diabetes, Hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Transitions of Care
Dr. Samir A. Ross BioMolecular Sciences Drug Discovery, Anti-Infective, Neuropharmacology, NMR spectroscopy
Dr. Sudeshna Roy BioMolecular Sciences Synthetic Methods Development, Fluorine Chemistry, Antibiotic Drug Discovery, Medicinal Chemistry
Dr. Ziaeddin Shariat-Madar BioMolecular Sciences Plasma kallikrein kinin system (KKS), Cardiometabolics, Inflammation, Metabolic Syndrome
Dr. Manvi Sharma Pharmacy Administration Pharmacoepidemiology, Comparative Effectiveness, Geriatric Oncology, Polypharmacy, Drug-drug Interactions, Deprescribing, Opioid Use/Abuse, Risk Adjustment, Drug Costs, Prices & Policy, Quality of Care
Dr. Joshua Sharp BioMolecular Sciences Mass Spectrometry, Structural Biology, Glycosaminoglycans, Protein-Ligand Interactions, Pathogen-Host Interactions
Dr. Justin J. Sherman Pharmacy Practice Men’s Health Issues, Diabetes, Smoking Cessation, Instructional Design & Education
Dr. Marc Slattery BioMolecular Sciences Marine Ecology, Marine Biotechnology, Environmental Toxicology, Biochemical Adaptations
Dr. Cole Stevens BioMolecular Sciences Natural Product Biosynthetic Pathways, Enzymes, Uncultivable Bacteria, Chemical Diversity
Dr. James Stewart BioMolecular Sciences Diabetes Mellitus, Cardiomyopathy, Role of Extracellular Matrix, Advanced Glycation Endproduct (AGE)-Receptor for AGEs (AGE-RAGE), Fibrosis
Dr. Kayla R. Stover Pharmacy Practice Infectious Diseases, Antifungals, Pharmacotherapy, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Microbiology, Education, Teaching and Learning, HIV, Pediatrics  
Dr. Chalet Tan Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Nanodelivery, Targeted Cancer Therapy, Tumor Hypoxia, Tumor Hypoxia, Tumor Immunology, Pharmacokinetics
Dr. Natascha Techen NCNPR Molecular Marker, DNA Barcode, PCR, Dietary Supplements, Medicinal Plants
Dr. Gary D. Theilman Pharmacy Practice Education, Technology, Assessment, Web
Dr. Siddharth K. Tripathi NCNPR Next Generation Sequencing, RNA-Sequencing, Whole Genome Sequencing, Affymetrix Microarrays, Mechanism of Action, Antifungal Drug Discovery, High Throughput Screens, Drug-Potentiation, Fungal Pathogens, Dose Matrix Assays
Dr. Noa Valcarcel-Ares BioMolecular Sciences Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
Dr. Jamie L. Wagner Pharmacy Practice Antibiotic Resistance, Antimicrobial Stewardship, Outcomes Research, Epidenmiology of Infectious Diseases
Dr. Larry A. Walker NCNPR Renal Pharmacology, Cardiovascular Pharmacology, Natural Products
Dr. Amira Wanas NCNPR Cannabis & Cannabinoids, Isolation & Structure Elucidation
Dr. Mei Wang NCNPR Quality, Safety, Natural Products, Fingerprint Profiles, Analysis Development
Dr. Yan-Hong Wang NCNPR Isolation, Characterization, & Analysis of Natural Products, Synthesis of Biologically Active Compounds
Dr. Michael L. Warren Pharmacy Practice Immunizations, Travel Medicine, Over the Counter Cough/Cold Management, Student Writing Enhancement, Pharmacy Skills Lab Development & Enhancement, Rubric Design, Interprofessional Education, Tobacco-use Cessation, Enhance Community Pharmacy Services, Transitions of Care, Patient Satisfaction, Student Motivation
Dr. Donna S. West-Strum Pharmacy Administration Community Pharmacy, Marketing & Management Theories, Pharmacy Services, Health Care Quality, Medication Safety
Dr. Noel E. Wilkin Pharmacy Administration Practical Reasoning, Decision Making, Drug Therapy, Pharmacy Entrepreneurship, Pharmacy Management, Professional Education Issues
Dr. Kristine L. Willett BioMolecular Sciences Environmental Toxicology, Environmental Chemistry, Anti-Cancer Research, Biomedical Research, Neuroscience, Aquatic Animal Models of Human Diseases, Gene Expression, Marine Biology, Zebrafish
Dr. Christy M. Wyandt Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery Solid State Properties of Drugs, Thermal Analysis, Solubility, Polymer-water Interactions
Dr. Yi Yang Pharmacy Administration Outcomes Research, Health Economics, Pharmacoeconomics, Pharmacoepidemiology, Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER), Epidemiology and Safety of Opioid Use
Dr. Jin Zhang NCNPR Natural Products, Isolation & Structure Elucidation, Anticancer, Cell Signaling, High Throughput Screening
Dr. Jianping Zhao NCNPR Natural Products Chemistry, NMR-based Metabolomics, Chromatographic Techniques in Pharmacognosy, Quality Assessment of Herbal Medicines & Dietary Supplements