PharmCAS Application Tips

Academic History

Colleges Attended

Report ALL colleges and universities that you have attended, regardless of time spent there or relevance to the Ole Miss School of Pharmacy program. This also includes dual enrollment coursework.

Ole Miss Students *ONLY* – List EDHE as an education course and Research as Special Topics.

Official Transcripts

The PharmCAS website contains tips and information on submitting transcripts. When you have sent all of your official transcripts to PharmCAS, keep track of their delivery via the “Check Status Tab.” You should follow up with PharmCAS if you do not receive confirmation of their receipt of your transcripts.

You do NOT need to also send your transcripts to Ole Miss School of Pharmacy when applying.

Supporting Information

Extracurricular Activities, Employment and Healthcare Experience

Ole Miss School of Pharmacy recommends adding ALL activities, employment, shadowing and volunteer experience regardless of their relevancy to pharmacy. Pharmacy and healthcare experience will make you a more competitive applicant.

The admission committee wants to see your passion for the profession and the pursuit of the pharmacy career, so please be thorough!

    Personal Statement

    This is the part of the application where you show us who you are and what drives you to pursue a career in pharmacy.

    Please include:

    • What led you to pursue pharmacy as a career.
    • Gaps in schooling/employment/etc.
    • Special life circumstances that may have resulted in academic difficulties.
    • Any other information that you feel would be relevant for the Admission Committee.
    • You should also proofread your statement and avoid plagiarism of any kind.


    Ole Miss School of Pharmacy requires two evaluations from individuals who know you and can speak about your work ethic. These can be community leaders, professors or employers.

    Final Application Submission

    Review Application

    Review your entire application and ensure it is flled out to completion. The admissions committee wants to know the most about you, anything that would be on a resume or CV should be included in your application.

    PharmCAS Application Designations

    • In Progress – Application has not yet been submitted
    • Received – Application submitted ONLY to PharmCAS, but they have not received all official transcripts.

    In the event that PharmCAS does not receive one or more of your transcripts, they will be unable to verify your application and fnal processing will be delayed.

    • Complete – Application, transcripts and fees received ONLY by PharmCAS, in queue for verification.
    • Verified – Application has been verified by PharmCAS and is now accessible by Ole Miss School of Pharmacy.

    Questions? Contact:

    Lindsey Cooper
    Coordinator of Admissions
    Telephone: (662) 915-1323