Advising for Students in the Professional Pharmacy Program

PharmacyTraditional academic advising regarding course registration is not a responsibility of School of Pharmacy faculty. Furthermore, given that the curriculum is rather standardized for all students, there is little need for traditional academic advising. However, professional students are strongly encouraged to establish a mentoring relationship as described below.

The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy prides itself in the development of appropriate and mutually rewarding faculty/student interactions.  One mechanism utilized to assist in the enhancement of this objective is the faculty mentor program.  Unlike advisors, mentors do not participate in formulating class schedules or in the registration process.   No formal assigning of mentors to students or vice versa occurs.  Students are free to choose a mentor.

The establishment of an effective mentor/mentee relationship is the responsibility of both the student and the faculty member.  It is primarily the student that determines the level of continuing benefit.  Students should not feel that they are limited in discussing topics with only a single mentor.  They may be more comfortable in addressing issues with another faculty mentor, organizational advisor, or member of the Dean’s staff.

The following is a nonexclusive list of the most frequent mentor/student activities.

  1. Career counseling regarding the breadth of opportunities available to a graduate with a B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree and/or Doctor of Pharmacy degree
  2. Academic counseling offering suggestions on how to proceed if academic problems arise
  3. Develop an effective relationship with the student that encourages the student to seek assistance of the mentor when confronting personal or professional problems
  4. Serving as an advocate, when appropriate, including being a reference both pre-and post graduation