School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

Professional Program

The Doctor of Pharmacy degree program is a seven-year program consisting of 3 years of pre-pharmacy or pre-professional coursework (transfer credit accepted from accredited community colleges and/or other four-year institutions – see included Table); 2 years of professional coursework at the University of Mississippi, Oxford campus, and 2 additional years of coursework at the University of Mississippi Medical Center on the Jackson campus. Students are awarded a BS in Pharmaceutical Sciences degree following successful completion of the first professional year.

The Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences is the undergraduate degree offered by The University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy. This degree is not a professional degree and does not entitle one to sit for the national licensure examination for the practice of pharmacy. This degree is prerequisite to completing the University’s Doctor of Pharmacy degree program, which is the entry-level degree for the practice of pharmacy.

The B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences program is a four-year degree that students may begin as freshmen (Early Entry, early assurance honors program). However, it is more common to begin the program after completing the three year pre-professional curriculum at Ole Miss or another institution (regular entry).

Early Entry/Early Assurance

B.S. in Pharmaceutical Sciences/Doctor of Pharmacy