Pre-Pharmacy Program
The University of Mississippi

FAQ about the Pre-Pharmacy Program

Do I have an advantage in being admitted to the professional pharmacy program over students who do not complete the pre-pharmacy courses at Ole Miss?

Pre-pharmacy students who complete the required courses (since high school) at UM are provided a bonus UM Factor of 0.4 added to the GPA utilized in the selection process for admission into the professional degree program. The required courses must be completed at UM in order to receive this bonus. Otherwise, there is no advantage in the calculation of the admission scores between UM students and non-UM pre-pharmacy students.

Why should I complete the pre-pharmacy courses at Ole Miss?

See Advantages.

Academically, am I better prepared if I complete the pre-pharmacy courses at UM?

The School of Pharmacy possesses no data to demonstrate that UM prepared pre-pharmacy students perform academically better than those completing the requirements at other institutions. Instead, what appears to be important is academic rigor, time management and study skills.

Can I complete pre-pharmacy courses at a community college?

Applicants can complete the first two years of the three year pre-pharmacy curriculum at a Mississippi community college. However, the third year of courses are upper division courses that can only be taken at a four-year institution.

Does the School of Pharmacy accept online coursework?

Yes, a course will be accepted as long as it meets all university requirements.

Are pre-pharmacy students eligible for School of Pharmacy scholarships?

Pre-pharmacy students are not eligible for School of Pharmacy scholarships, but are eligible for other scholarship and financial aid opportunities offered by the UM Financial Aid Office.

Why is tuition higher for pre-pharmacy students than other UM undergraduate students?

Tuition differential charged to pre-pharmacy students is applied to provide more resources for pre-pharmacy students. These include tutoring scholarships to more senior pharmacy students who serve as tutors for pre-pharmacy students; availability of one-on-one advising within the pharmacy school; the chance to join professional clubs and student organizations; and opportunities for networking.

For more questions or details, please contact Assistant Dean of Student Service Chelsea Bennett at or (662) 915-6957.