Department of Pharmacy Practice
The University of Mississippi

PGY-2 Resident Learning Experiences


The PGY-2 Ambulatory Care Residency program at the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy is a longitudinal-based experience that allows the resident to build long-term relationships with providers, staff, students and patients. Each learning experience is scheduled on either a half or full day every week for 3, 6 or 12 months. The resident is offered a variety of practice settings to broaden their patient care experience and enhance their ability to care for multiple chronic disease states. In addition to clinical experiences, the School of Pharmacy provides the resident with opportunities for small group, didactic and experiential teaching.

UMMC Learning Experiences

The University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) is an academic medical center that provides advanced medical services to patients from all over the state. UMMC offers specialty clinics for a wide variety of disease states. Currently, the resident will have longitudinal learning experiences in the following clinics: anticoagulation, cardiometabolic, family medicine, heart failure and cystic fibrosis. Through this partnership, other specialty clinics can be offered based on the interest of the resident.

Resident Wellness

The program will offer access to and encourage use of resources focused on improvement of resident wellness. This program meets formally throughout the year and informally as needed.

Diabetes Care Group

This experience at the Diabetes Care Group incorporates the resident into a team-based approach to patient care. The clinic focuses on the management of diabetes utilizing innovative treatment strategies in a primarily insured patient population.

Teaching and Learning Curriculum

The resident will develop and participate in didactic lectures, and co-precept in experiential rotation settings. The resident will learn all aspects involved in educating pharmacy students on experiential rotations, including the following: co-facilitation of pharmacy students (both IPPE and APPE) within a clinical practice; facilitating discussion sessions, journal club sessions and presentations; assisting in giving feedback; and grading. The resident will be involved in committee assignments appropriate for the experiences of a resident with interest in academia. Further development in academia is available to the resident through the Teaching Certificate Program offered by the School of Pharmacy.

Leadership Experience

This required experience provides the resident with an opportunity to grow and develop leadership skills, and prepares the resident with the tools needed for success in a variety of settings.


The residents will provide staffing every 4th weekend at the Jackson Free Clinic, where they will precept students and work with the medical team to assist in the treatment of underserved patients.

Sample Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
Cardiometabolic Cystic Fibrosis Elective Heart Failure Anticoagulation Jackson Free Clinic (every fourth Saturday)
Family Medicine Admin/Office Research/TLC

*Subject to change

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are expected to have the following status by the start date of employment (July 1):

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from an accredited school or college of pharmacy
  • Eligible for licensure in good standing with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy
  • Proof of completion of PGY-1 residency program in good standing with ASHP