Department of Pharmacy Practice
The University of Mississippi

Oxford Resident Learning Experiences

Community Pharmacy Practice Experience (Independent Pharmacy)

The resident will develop skills to provide direct patient care through practice at an independent pharmacy in the Holly Springs, Mississippi, area.

The resident will develop skills necessary to:

  • Safely and effectively dispense medications
  • Provide direct patient care to diverse populations through comprehensive and targeted Medication Therapy Management
  • Assess the need for, and administer, vaccinations during MTM services and off-site clinics
  • Collaborate with physicians, nurse practitioners, and other healthcare providers
  • Provide education to patients and healthcare providers
  • Develop effective written communication skills to document patient and provider encounters
  • Become aware of and practice in accordance with regulations, policies, and procedures
  • Develop a business plan proposal for a new pharmacy service

The resident will also develop the following skills related to management:

  • Daily operation of the dispensing procedures of the pharmacy
  • Processes and contractual relationships involved in the medication procurement process including inventory management and pricing structures
  • Staff development and retention
  • Relationship development with customers and other healthcare providers
  • Student mentoring and co-precepting
  • Develop and implement a quality improvement project
  • Act as a leader for advancing community practice and the profession (i.e., CPESN, MPhA, MSHP, and others)
  • Ethical practice principles and professionalism

Community-Based Rural Health and Ambulatory Care Practice Experience

The resident will develop skills associated with establishing and maintaining Comprehensive Medication Management services at a variety of clinics in the Oxford, Mississippi, area.

The resident will develop the following skills in ambulatory care practice:

  • Design, develop, implement and evaluate patient-specific wellness plans through the completion of Annual Wellness Visits and Chronic Care Management Services
  • Conduct Transitions of Care Management services in collaboration with local hospitals and clinic teams.
  • Interface with physicians, nurses, nurse practitioners, social workers, registered dieticians, and information technologists under the supervision of attending physicians and clinical pharmacists
  • Develop and implement community wellness promotions, immunization clinics, and disease prevention programs
  • Develop abilities in self-directed learning
  • Communicate with healthcare professionals and patients
  • Outreach to the community through organizing and participating in community-wide education
  • Establish a business model to facilitate additional pharmacy services

Research Experience

This experience is designed to familiarize the resident with all aspects of the research process from generation of a hypothesis through data analysis, presentation of results, and manuscript preparation. The resident will present at the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists Midyear Clinical Meeting and the Midsouth Pharmacy Residents Conference.

Leadership and Management Experience

The resident will develop skills associated with the following:

  • Organizational structure within the School of Pharmacy and academic departments
  • Daily operation of an academic department
  • Types of academic positions within a school of pharmacy and responsibilities associated with each (i.e., teaching, clinical, scholarship and service)
  • University/Schools policies and procedures (i.e., tenure or promotion, human resources, research and sponsored programs)
  • Governance and committees within a school of pharmacy
  • Different leadership and management styles and application
  • Ethical practice principles and professionalism
  • Involvement in professional organizations

Wellbeing and Resiliency Program

The resident will have the opportunity to explore tactics for resilience from prominent leaders in an effort to promote pharmacy resident wellbeing. The resident will participate in sessions with postgraduate residents across the United States. The program is intended to help residents identify resources to aid in resiliency and mental warfare.

Teaching and Learning Certificate Program

The resident will develop the following skills:

  • All aspects of education of pharmacy students on experiential rotations, including:
    • Syllabus design
    • Co-precept students on IPPE/APPE
    • Facilitate topic discussions, journal clubs and presentation
    • Provide feedback to students
  • Prepare and deliver lecture and laboratory activities
  • Facilitation of small groups
  • Assist with design of Objective Structured Clinical Exams (OSCE)
  • Author, review and grade exam questions
  • Complete the Teaching and Learning Certificate (TLC) Program through the University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy

Other opportunities include:

  • Author content for the PharmacyForward podcast
  • Publication of an essay on a renowned blog, Educational Theory and Practice
  • Participating in TLC activities with residents across the state of Mississippi


The resident will staff at Tyson Drug Company approximately one Saturday per month.

Weekly Schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Weekend
MTM Services / Dispensing MTM Services / Dispensing Rural Health TLC Office Time / Dispensing Staffing (one Saturday per month)

*Subject to change

Eligibility Requirements

Candidates are expected to have the following status by the start date of employment (July 1):

  • Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) from an accredited school or college of pharmacy
  • Eligible for licensure in good standing with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy

Residents are highly encouraged to obtain licensure by July 1.