Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

The University of Mississippi


Specific program goals, objectives, and procedures of The University of Mississippi Chapter – UMSC

Program Goals

  • To attain a remarkable position among AAPS Student Chapters through continuing leadership and effective coordination.
  • To enhance interaction and knowledge-sharing among members at the local, regional and national level through conventions, seminars, workshops, newsletters and the chapter website.


  • To increase student participation in the activities of AAPS at local, regional and national level.
  • To spread awareness among the students about career opportunities in the pharmaceutical sciences.
  • Provide opportunities to the students for professional advancement, networking and leadership development.
  • To increase awareness of latest advances and discoveries.
  • To foster participation in outreach activities those further the goals and objectives of the parent organization.
  • Encourage interaction among the graduate students from universities under “Southern Regional Discussion Group (SRDG)”.



The AAPS-UM Student Chapter is to be made up of professional pharmacy students and graduates of varying disciplines who share an interest in pharmaceutical sciences and are in good standing as members of AAPS. The Student Chapter will:
(A) Conduct its activities in accordance with the bylaws of AAPS, the guidelines of the “Procedural Guide of Student Chapters of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists” and subsequent rules and regulations, which apply.
(B) Conduct its activities so as to meet the objectives outlined in Section 2 of this proposal.
(C) Elect AAPS-UM student executive committee for active functioning of the chapter and also submit annual reports describing the activities and finances of the student chapter to the faculty representative.


Professional Pharmacy students, graduate and post-doctoral students of UM, who have an interest in pharmaceutical sciences, will be encouraged to affiliate themselves with this student chapter.

3.3 Organization

(A) Officers.  Officers were elected to fill the positions outlined in the “Procedural Guide of Student Chapters of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists. The elected officers are Mr. Manjeet B. Pimparade (Chair), Ms. Eman Ashour (Chair-Elect), Ms. Priyanka Thipsay (Vice Chair), and Mr. Muralikrishnan Angamuthu (Secretary/Treasurer).  In the following years, the Chair-elect will succeed the Chair and elections will be carried out to fill the Vice-Chair, and Secretary/Treasurer.  Elections will be held during the first week of the fall semester (end of August).
(B) Faculty Representatives.  We have selected an advisor (Dr. Christy M. Wyandt) and a co-advisor (Dr. Michael A. Repka) of our faculty who are affiliated with AAPS, to act as our Faculty Representatives.  The responsibilities of the Faculty Representatives entail serving on the Executive Committee and reviewing the annual report of the Chapter.
(C) Executive Committee.  The executive committee will be chaired by the Chair and will be comprised of the Chair, Chair-Elect, and the Faculty Representatives.  The committee will conduct itself in accordance with the “Procedural Guide of Student Chapters of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists.  To efficiently conduct the main business of the student chapter, the Executive Committee will meet every other month or more frequently, if necessary.
(D) Standing Committees.  There are currently four standing committees including speaker, website, service, and social with specific purposes, which serve the UM student chapter. All current members will be asked to voluntarily serve on these committees.