Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
The University of Mississippi

Faculty Research Expertise​

Faculty Research Expertise
Michael Repka, chair of the department of pharmaceutics and drug delivery at the University of Mississippi School of Pharamcy Dr. Michael Repka
•Hot-melt extrusion processing related to pharmaceutical products
•Novel drug delivery systems, including ‘Trans’ systems
•Polymeric drug delivery design and stabilization of DDS
Jit Majumdar Dr. Soumyajit Majumdar
•Drug delivery design strategies for ocular delivery
•Enhancing delivery via transporter targeted prodrugs (oral, ocular and transmucosal)
•Novel ocular drug delivery platforms
murthy Dr. S. Narasimha Murthy
•Electrically mediated transdermal and trans-ungula drug delivery, electroporation and transcutaneous sampling (ETS) of drugs
•Intranasal delivery for targeting to brain
•Study of dermatokinetics of drugs
•Nano-structured systems in transdermal drug delivery
Seongbong Jo Dr. Seongbong Jo
•Stimuli responsive drug delivery platforms and NCEs
•Redox, thermal, pH sensitive polymers
•pH, ionic strength sensitive peptide based hydrogel
•Light, redox sensitive prodrug
Chalet Tan Dr. Chalet Tan
•Nanodelivery/tissue-specific delivery
•Cancer immunotherapy
•Cancer biology
•Tumor metabolism
mahavir chougule Dr. Mahavir B. Chouglule
•Targeted inhalation delivery of drugs and siRNA using bio-engineered polymeric or lipidic nanoparticles for asthma
•Co-delivery of chemo drug and siRNA for the treatment of lung cancer
•Delivery of immunomodulatory agents for inflammatory disorders