Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery
The University of Mississippi

Masters and PhD Students

Current Masters and PhD Student Scholars in the Department of Pharmaceutics and Drug Delivery

student’s degree(s) and institution(s) also included

Hawra MBMH AlhusainiGraduate
Ganga Reddy GonegariGraduate
Chamundeswara Srinivas KallaGraduate
Ajay Reddy KolipakaGraduate
Soo-Yeon Chung, MSGraduate
Sung-Chi Lee, MSGraduate
Nikeeta Arun Palande, MSGraduate
Davis Chikamso Otuegbe, MSGraduate
Rohit Kumar Alluri, MSGraduate
Preethi Lakkalla, MSGraduate
Vishal Shah, MSGraduate
Prateek Uttreja, MSGraduate
Jhanvi Upendra Desai, MSGraduate
Umesh Chandra Chowdary Devineni, MSGraduate
Shrishti Dubey, MSGraduate
Mengwen Li, MSGraduate
Krishna Jayesh Soni, MSGraduate
Muna Abdelrahman, MSGraduate
Salonee Pradeep Chavan, MSGraduate
Neha Rajendra Sali, MSGraduate
Srijan Kaur Hora, MSGraduate
Sujith Raj Bashetty, MSGraduate
Shivam Santosh Jaiswal, MSGraduate
Lokesh Mukesh Thawani, MSGraduate
Indrajeet Rajesh Karnik, MSGraduate
Lakshmi Priyanka Gudipati, MSGraduate
Karthik Abburi, MSGraduate
Rujuta Vaibhav Manjrekar, MSGraduate
Vishwateja Goud Gummudala, MSGraduate
Isha Kalaria, MSGraduate
Kirti Pradeep Sawant, MSGraduate
Jui Shyam Pendse, MSGraduate
Mihir Sanjay Ghonge, MSGraduate
Atharva Prashant Bhatkande, MSGraduate
Kshitij Chitnis, MSGraduate
Vishal Thota, MSGraduate
Navya NalajalaGraduate
Mashan Almutairi, Ph.D.Graduate
Pranav Ponkshe, Ph.D.Graduate
Nan Ji, Ph.D.Graduate
Ahmed Almotairy, Ph.D.Graduate
Bhavani Prasad Vinjamuri, Ph.D.Graduate
Sheng Feng, Ph.D.Graduate
Zhiqing Hu, Ph.D.Graduate
Minjia Wang, Ph.D.Graduate
Priyanka Srinivasan, Ph.D.Graduate
Poorva H. Joshi, Ph.D.Graduate
Yusheng Li, Ph.D.Graduate
Samir Senapati, Ph.D.Graduate
Kai-Wei Wu,
Pengchong Xu, Ph.D.Graduate
Neeraja Komanduri, Ph.D.Graduate
Tabish Mehraj, Ph.D.Graduate
Honghe Wang, Ph.D.Graduate
Derick Muhindo, Ph.D.Graduate
Abhishek Shivashankar Shettar, Ph.D.Graduate
Chuntian Cai, Ph.D.Graduate
Abdulmajeed Althobaiti, Ph.D.Graduate
Peilun Zhang, Ph.D.Graduate
Ziru Zhang, Ph.D.Graduate
Ahmed Youssef, Ph.D.Graduate
Sundus Omari, Ph.D.Graduate
Abdullah Alzahrani, Ph.D.Graduate
Paveen Kolimi, Ph.D.Graduate
Dinesh Nyavanandi, Ph.D.Graduate
Sagar Narala, Ph.D.Graduate
Arun Butreddy, Ph.D.Graduate
Rasha Elkanayati, Ph.D.Graduate
Mohammed Alyahya, Ph.D.Graduate
Mona Geweda, Ph.D.Graduate
Iman Taha, Ph.D.Graduate
Esraa AlShawakkri, Ph.D.Graduate
Preethi Mandati, Ph.D.Graduate
Sivaram Munnangi, Ph.D.Graduate
Tanuja Tummala, Ph.D.Graduate
Deeksha Jakka, Ph.D.Graduate
Kavish Dilip SanilGraduate