School of Pharmacy

The University of Mississippi

Pharmaceutics Personnel Directory

Dr. Michael A. Repka Faser Hall 104B 662 915-1155 E-mail
Chair and Professor of Pharmaceutics
Director of the Pii Center for Pharmaceutical Technology
Research Professor in the Research Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Dr. Bonnie A. Avery Faser Hall 115 662 915-5163 E-mail
Dr. Walter G. Chambliss TCRC 1006 662 915-7134 E-mail
Dr. Mahmoud A. ElSohly Waller Lab 135 662 915-5928 E-mail
Dr. Seongbong Jo Faser Hall 107 662 915-5166 E-mail
Dr. Soumyajit Majumdar Faser Hall 111 662 915-3793 E-mail
Dr. S. Narasimha Murthy Faser Hall 113 662 915-5164 E-mail
Dr. Christy M. Wyandt Old Chemistry 113 662 915-7474 E-mail

Faculty (Part-Time)
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Research Scientists
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Ms. Debbie P. King Faser Hall 104A 662 915-7341 E-mail