Microscopy and Imaging Center

University of Mississippi


User Fee

The Microscopy and Imaging Center provides access to some of the most advanced SEM services available in the region. As of July 27, 2020, the hourly rate for using the Core services is $75/hour for internal (UM) users and $110/hour for external users. Please contact the Core staff for the rates for commercial, bulk samples, and after office hour uses. No user will be charged a lower rate than a user paying with federal funds.


UM Rate

External Academic Rate

Sample preparation, SEM imaging and/or EDS analysis



Hands-on training on SEM operation and sample preparation (min. 4 hrs)



Demonstration for student groups (4-5 students per group)




The cost of routine consumables is included in the fee. The users are responsible for any special consumables required for preparing their samples. Users will be charged the hourly rate for the first hour and then in increments of 30 minutes. A grace period of up to 10 minutes will be allowed when possible, but continued use beyond 10 minutes will be charged for 30 minutes. User time is assessed by the SEM lab use time (the time the lab is unavailable for others, including the time it takes to set up the room and protocol, sample preparation, image analysis, and clean up) and not by the scan time alone. For instance, if a user reserved the system for 2 hours but completes the work in 1 hour 30 minutes, they will only be billed for 1 hour 30 minutes. Users are encouraged to finalize their work within the time reserved and leave the lab promptly so that the next user will be able to use the lab immediately. 

Invoicing and Payment

All requests for services must be submitted through our online scheduling system. When completing the project application online, please include all payment information. Invoices will be sent out during the second week of the month for services provided in the previous month. If payment information changes, please call or email us to update.